Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2007 SHOWS

Fri 5th - Reykjavik, Iceland @ Kaffi Hjlömalind
Sun 7th - Reykjavik, Iceland @ Baba-lu
Sat 20th - Long Branch, NJ - Uncanning Worms @ Shore Institute of Contemporary Arts w/ Ralph Farris from Ethel, group improv including Jon Francis
Fri 26th - Murfreesboro, TN @ The Acid Livingroom w/ Chad and Jeremi, Coffee and Tea
Sat 27th - Nashville, TN @ The Five Spot w/ 3 Pups Music, Kelli Shay, Visual Sound
Sun 28th - Murray, KY @ The Frap House w/ Coffee and Tea.
Mon 29th - Boone, NC @ The Black Cat
Thu 1st - Brooklyn, NY (Williamsburg) @ Petes Candy Store w/ Silent Movie, Gareth Schumacher
Fri 16th - New York, NY @ Clothing Optional Dinner (
Sun 25th - Manhattan, NY - SHARE @ Reboot (Audio-visual improvisations throughout the night, open to everyone,  My featured set starts at 8:30)

Sat 10th - Manhattan, NY @ Reboot w/ Tom Phonic, J. Phantom, Sharon Van Etten
Thu 15th Binghamton, NY @ Binghamton University w/ By the End of Tonight, more (cancelled)
Mon 19th - New York City, NY @ MAN gathering
Wed 21st - New York City @ Cake Shop w/ By the End of Tonight, Extra Life.
Sat 24th - Pittsburgh, PA @ Dusquene University (This is a Graduate Philosophy Conference, not exactly a show. I will read a paper on Aretetic Theft at 9am (first paper of the day), then also close things out with a musical performance at 7pm during the reception, which starts at 7pm.)
Tue 27th - Staunton, VA @ Shenandoah Pizza
Thu 29th - Norfolk, VA @ The Blue Plate
Fri 30th - Boone, NC @ Attention Deficit Destruction Festival @ The Black Cat (3 day festival of weird shit.

Tue 3rd - Cleveland, OH @ Pat's in the Flats w/ Ellipse, more.
Wed 4th - Bloomington, IN @ The Hot Fighter House (216 E. Hillside Dr.) moved from Art Hospital, due to temporary closing.
Thu 5th - Murray, KY @ The Frap House w/ Coffee & Tea
Fri 6th - Murfreesboro, TN @ Casa De La Muerte w/ The Drift, Baby Teeth Theives. (moved from The Acid Livingroom due to the popo shutting shit down.)
Sat 7th - Nashville, TN @ The End w/ The Drift, The Ascent of Everest
Sun 8th - Boone, NC @ The Black Cat w/ The Drift
Mon 9th - Staunton, VA @ Baja Bean (8pm) w/ the Drift.
Mon 9th - Staunton, VA @ Luigis (11pm) Yes, I am playing two shows on the same night.
Tue 10th - Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13 w/ The Drift
Fri 27th - Asbury Park, NJ @ Twisted Tree Cafe
Tue 1st - Lowell, NA @ University of Massachusetts (Anit-captialist celebration organized by the Student Socialist Coalition.)
Tue 8th - New York City, NY @ The Annex
Fri 25th - Brooklyn, NY (Park Slope) - Transducer @ Lemurplex (Lemurplex is a badical space for building robots that play music).
Sat 26th - Asbury Park, NJ @ Twisted Tree Cafe
Sun 27th - New York, NY - CJ Boyd Group @ Cake shop w/ Modern Day Urban Barbarians, La Otracina, Theo Metz, Baylies Band
Wed 30th - Washington DC @ The Red and Black Bar w/ Duology Band, LIGO
Thu 31st - Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Chop w/ Acacia Sears.

Fri 1st - Philadelphia, PA @ Tritone Bar w/ Ashley Deekus, Katt Hernandez, Feeler Gauge, Mosadi Music.
Sat 2nd - Staunton, VA @ Shenandoah Pizza
Sun 3rd - Staunton, VA @ Baja Bean
Mon 4th - Williamsport, PA @ The Bullfrog Brewery
Tue 5th - Lakewood, OH @ Symposium Nite Club w/ Ellipse, Nate Lynch
Wed 6th - Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex w/ Big Black Cloud, the Jrugs. Trumbullplex is an anarchist housing collective and showspace in the Woodbridge.
Thu 7th - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's Bar w/ The Horns of Happiness, Cellmates, The Floating City.
Fri 8th - Bloomington, IN @ Guilty Pleasures (House venue) w/ Abner Trio, Big Black Cloud, Michael Hodges.
Sun 10th - Lynchburg, VA @ The Starlight Cafe w/ The Late Virginia Summers.
Mon 11th - Norfolk, VA @ The Blue Plate w/ The Late Virginia Summers.
Wed 13th - Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight w/ Small Life Form, Promute
Thu 14th - Boone, NC @ The Black Cat
Fri 15th - Nashville, TN @ Springwater Supper Club & Lounge w/ Potato Battery Experiment, Kelli Shay, Lundberg Stetson.
Sat 16th - Mufreesboro, TN @ Leisure Room (Big Nurse House) w/ Most Amazing Century of Science, High On Life, and featuring a Bass-Off with AJ from Cansaur
Mon 18th - Nashville, TN @ 806 Kendall Drive w/ La Otracina
Wed 20th - Murfreesboro, TN @ The Boro w/ Happy Birthday Amy, Oblio, Jared Micah and the Hats
Fri 22nd - Louisville, KY @ The Rudyard Kipling w/ Keenan Lawler, Brian Beyke
Sat 23rd - Belleville, IL @ The Ground Floor
Sun 24th - St. Louis, MO @ Fort Gondo
Mon 25th - Lawrence, KS @ Henry's on Eighth
Tue 26th - Omaha, NE @ McFosters Natural Kind Cafe
Wed 27th - Ft. Collins, CO @ Matter Bookstore w/ Sangre
Thu 28th - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis w/ Slight Harp, Theta Naught. 3553 Brighton Blvd
Fri 29th - Boulder, CO @ Rock N Soul Cafe w/ Theta Naught, more
Sat 30th - Grand Junction, CO @ Coffee Muggers w/ Drew Danburry, Bagheera! Bagheera!, Theta Naught (feat. Alex Caldiero), Iji.

Sat 7th - Sacramento, CA @ The Weatherstone Faire @ Weatherstone Coffee & Trading Co.
Sun 15th - Grass Valley, CA @ California World Music Festival
Wed 18th - San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah w/ Roots of Orchis
Thu 19th - Berkeley, CA @ Jupiter (Selector Series) w/ DJ Delon
Fri 20th - Goleta, CA @ Pink mailbox w/ Des Ark, Watercolor Paintings, Mike XVX
Mon 23rd - San Diego, CA @ Scholari's Office    w/ Sleeping People, Lilith Vektor, And the Furies Say
Tue 24th - Long Beach, CA - Duo set with Chris Schlarb@ OPEN w/ And the Furies Say
Wed 25th - Los Angeles, CA @ Silver Lake Lodge w/ And the Furies Say, The Half Mantis Group
Thu 26th - Scottsdale, AZ @ Mandala Tearoom w/ Icy Core of Jupiter, And the Furies Say, I Break Horses
Fri 27th - Albuquerque, NM @ El Rey Theater w/ And the Furies Say
Sat 28th - Amarillo, TX @ The Nat w/ And the Furies Say
Mon 30th - Chicago, IL - CJ Boyd Sextet @ South Union Arts w/ Sing Sing, And the Furies Say, Scalpels & Tongues (collab set btwn members of Pillars & Tongues as well as Scalpels)
Tue 31st - Bloomington, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Art Hospital w/ Banana hands, Kwop Council, And the Furies Say.

Wed 1st - Pittsburgh, PA - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Garfield Artworks w/ Overseas, Science Is Dead, And the Furies Say
Fri 3rd - New York City, NY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Pussycat Lounge w/ Rebel Medium, Diluted Society, Zydepunks, Sai U Drom, Town.
Sat 4th - Brooklyn, NY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Goodbye Blue Monday w/ And the Furies Say, Jerkagram, Aunt Dracula, more
Mon 6th - Washington DC - CJ Boyd Sextet @ IOTA (The Federal Reserve Collectives First Monday) w/ And the Furies Say, more
Tue 7th - Boone, NC - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Black Cat w/ And the Furies Say.
Wed 8th - Nashville, TN  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Springwater w/ And the Furies Say (show moved from 911 Estes)
Thu 9th - Russellville, AR  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Fort Delicious w/ And the Furies Say, Friendly Friends, Mt. Everest, Memphis Pencils
Fri 10th - Denton, TX  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Cool Beans w/ And the Furies Say, Shoeless Agadore
Sat 11th - Austin, TX  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Flamingo Cantina w/ A Pocket Full of Deng, The War Against Sleep, And the Furies Say
Sun 12th - El Paso, TX  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Zeppelin's Pub w/ And the Furies Say.
Mon 13th - Pinos Altos, NM @ Buckhorn Saloon
Wed 15th - Tucson, AZ @ Plush
Thu 16th - San Diego, CA @ Scolari's Office
Sat 18th - San Luis Obispo, CA @ Linnaea's Cafe
Sun 19th - San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ The Drift, Balmorhea
Mon 20th - Oakland, CA @ Hilary and Kat's house
Tue 21st - Chico, CA @ Off-Limits w/ La Fin Du Monde, Think In French
Thu 23rd Eastsound, WA  (Orcas Island) @ Indralaya
Fri 24th - Seattle, WA @ SS Marie Antoinette w/ Daughters of Atlas, Snowman Plan, Everchanging Sky
Sat 25th - Portland, OR @ Towne Lounge w/ Modern State, Gulls, Umbrella.

Sat 1st - El Paso, TX @ Q8 Hooka Lounge w/ Bunq, Omar Andre, and friends.
Sun 2nd - El Paso, TX @ Hunt's House BBQ w/ Crooke and Color
Tue 4th - Austin, TX @ Lambert's w/ Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor band, Balmorhea
Thu 6th - Houston, TX @ White Swan w/ By the End of Tonight, B.
Fri 7th - Alvin, TX @ Alvin Library w/ B.
Sun 9th - St. Louis, MO @ Fort Gondo
Mon 10th - Chicago, IL @ Sac House (2234 N. Sacramento Ave) w/ Pillars and Tongues, Angel Olsen
Tue 11th - Detroit, MI @ Amsterdam Espresso w/ Big Black Cloud
Thu 13th - Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks w/ Hotness
Thu 20th - Brooklyn, NY @ Goodbye Blue Monday w/ Xevious, Kirk Schoenherr Group, Josh Myers
Fri 21st - Washington, PA @ The Citizens Library w/ dollface divine, overseas, kalon, and science is dead
Sat 22nd - Rochester, NY @ Boulder Coffee
Mon 24th - New Brunswick, NJ @ South West Burrito w/ LEK, Cuddle Magic

Sun 28th - Portland, OR @ Brainstains w/ Modernstate, please step out of the vehicle, Minivan
Wed 31st - Des Moines, IA @ Vaudville Mews w/ Pillars and Tongues
Fri 2nd - Greece, NY @ The Landfill w/ Ju-Jajuba, Grampall Jookabox
Sat 3rd - New Brunswick, NJ @ Southwest Burrito
Sat 17th - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's Bar w/ Spizm, Stationary Odyssey, The Dang Heathens
Sat 24th - Evansville, IN @ Boney Junes w/ Stationary Odyssey, Owen Pye, Ferris The Destroyer
Sun 25th - Chicago, IL - The CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Sac House w/ King Zeus, Angel Olsen, Jared Micah and the Hats, Unearth

Sun 2nd - Bloomington, IN @ Waldron w/ Hot Pink Guillotine, drekka, OS
Sat 8th Chicago, IL - Ears & Eyes Festival @ Subteranean w/ Doppler Shift, Jason Steele Ensemble, Wosko/Faulds, Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Simon Lott/Brian Coogan, Phillip Morris/Awdazcate, The Other Planets, Avagami, The Drastics, more.
Sun 9th - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's Bar (playing with members of Pillars And Tongues) Also playing are: Porches, Treasure Mammal.
Tue 18th - Chicago, IL - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ The Radish Patch w/ Poisonoak, Auroradoreyalice, Perpetual Dusk at Curtsy Caverns, Redbear

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