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2013 SHOWS

2013 SHOWS

TUE 12/31 Berkeley, CA - CAIRO @ Butter Dungeon (2708 Russell St)
MON 12/30 Davis, CA (8:30pm) CAIRO @ Third Space (946 Olive Drive)
SUN 12/29 Sacramento, CA (7pm) CAIRO @ Exhibit S (Downtown Plaza)
SAT 12/28 Big Sur, CA (7pm) CAIRO @ Big Sur Tap House (47520 Highway One)
SAT 12/21 San Luis Obispo, CA - CAIRO @ Bliss Cafe (778 Higuera St.)
FRI 12/20 Santa Barbara, CA    - CAIRO @ House Show.  (332 W De La Guerra St) w/ Trashberries
MON 12/16 Los Angeles, CA (8pm) CAIRO @ Lot 1 (1529/1533 Sunset Blvd.) w/ Wide Streets
TUE 12/10 Anchorage (7pm) KURVA CHOIR @ House Show (5441 E. 131st Ave)
SUN 12/8 Homer, AK (6pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Bunnell Street Gallery (106 W Bunnell Ave)
SAT 12/7 Seward - KURVA CHOIR @ Rez Art (320 Third Avenue)
FRI 12/6 Anchorage (8pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Anchorage Community Works (349 E. Ship Creek Ave.)
THU 12/5 Girdwood (9:30pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Chair 5 (171 Linblad Ave)
TUE 12/3 Anchorage, AK (7pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Turnagain Arts Studio      
SUN 12/1 Wasilla, AK - KURVA CHOIR @ House Show


SAT 11/30 Fairbanks, AK (7pm) KURVA CHOIR @ River City Cafe w/ Josh LeBuda
FRI 11/29 Talkeetna, AK (7:30pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Sheldon Hangar (22249 S D. St) w/ Eve van Dommelen
TUE 11/26 Anchorage, AK (8pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Emma & Michael's (Arkansas Drive) w/ Eve van Dommelen
SUN 11/24 Turku, Finland @ Bar Kuka (Linnankatu 17)
SUN 11/17 Berlin, Germany (21h) @ Weserstraße 58
FRI 11/15 Bydgoszcz, Poland @ Mozg (Gdańska 10)
SUN 11/10 Berlin, Germany (20h) @ ADAM Audio (Bayerische Str. 8) w/ Pavlos Antoniadis
SAT 11/9 Leipzig, Germany @ UT Connewitz (Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 12A) w/ Scout Niblett, Föllakzoid
FRI 11/8 Leipzig, Germany @ ZORO (Bornaische Straße 54)
WED 11/6 Antwerp, Belgium @ The Palazzo (Peter Benoitstraat 16)
TUE 11/5 Brussels, Belgium - RHONYA @ Cafe Central
MON 11/4 Brussels, Belgium @ 211 Avenue du Rien
SAT 11/2 Liege, Belgium - RHONYA @ L'an Vert


FRI 10/ 25 Brussels, Belgium (21h) RHONYA @ Cafe Chaff (Place du Jeu de Balle / Vosseplein 21)
THU 10/24 Kortrijk, Belgium (20h) RHONYA @ Cine Palace (Zwevegemsestraat 13) w/ Influenz
SUN 10/13 Bordeaux, France (18h) @ Le Carrousel (76 rue de la Rousselle)
THU 10/10 Rennes, France @ La Bascule (2 Rue Bascule)
MON 10/7 Hérouville-Saint-Clair, France (18h) @ Grand Parc (708 Boulevard du Grand Parc, 14200
FRI 10/4 Lille, France (7pm) @ Le caf&diskaire (79 rue Colbert)
THU 10/3 Paris, France (8pm) @ Le 114 (114 Rue Oberkampf) w/ Walter's Carabine, L'étroit Petit Pochon


MON 9/30 Edinburgh, UK (8pm) @ The Banshee Labyrinth (35 Niddry Street) w/ Convex Mancave, Mikkael Lind
SAT 9/28 Cambridge, UK (7pm) @ CB1 (32 Mill Road) w/ Tom Adams, Max K Weaver
FRI 9/27 London, UK (8pm) @ Hugh's Noble's House (110 Hollydale Road) w/ Hugh John Noble
WED 9/25 Reykjavik, IS (7pm) @ Kaffibarinn (Miðbær, 101)  
TUE 9/24 Reykjavik, IS (21h) @ Harlem (Tryggvagata 22) w/ Heavy Experience, My Summer as a Salvation Soldier
SAT 9/14 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Neighborhood House w/ Nos Vemos
FRI 9/13 Ann Arbor, MI @ Arbor Vitae w/ Knox Mitchell, Fred Thomas, Patrick Elkins
WED 9/11 Buffalo, NY (8pm) @ Shit Mansion (100 Plymouth) w/ T.J. Borden, Kevin Cain
THU 9/5 Rochester, NY (9pm) CAIRO @ Rust House (164 Asbury St) w/ Tumul, Martin Freeman, Oliver/Cruz
WED 9/4 Lakewood, OH (8pm) @ Mahall's    (13200 Madison Ave) w/ 9vt Haunted House, Fangface, Budapest Dojo
TUE 9/3 Louisville, KY (7pm) @ Green Haus (2227 S Preston St)    w/ Heather Summers
SUN 9/1 Murfreesboro, TN (9pm) @ The Boro (1211 Greenland Dr)

SAT 8/31 Evansville, IN (8pm) @ PG (1418 Franklin St) w/ DMA, James Wallwork, Brett Siler
FRI 8/30 Bloomington, IN (8pm) @ Palace of Black Mold (201 E. 2nd St) w/ DMA, Ray Creature, Drekka, NormanOak, Sir Deja Doog
MON 8/26 Indianapolis, IN (8pm) CAIRO @ Joyful Noise (1043 Virginia Ave., suite 207) w/ DMA, Skin Conditions
SAT 8/24 Champaign, IL (9pm) CAIRO @ Deathtower ( 511 N. Neil St) w/ Lonely Trailer, Marathon, Comfort Food, Acker
FRI 8/23 St. Louis, MO (9pm) CAIRO @ Foam (3359 S. Jefferson Ave) w/ Barely Free Partial Prisoners, Bi-Polar Bear
THU 8/22 Iowa City, IA (8pm) CAIRO @ The Rectory (610 E Jefferson St) w/ Haunted Hyman, Curt Owen, Brass Orchid(s)
WED 8/21 Dubuque, IA CAIRO @ Monk's (373 Bluff St) w/ Sex Funeral
TUE 8/20 Ames, IA (8pm) CAIRO @ The Space (118 Hayward Ave. Suite 3) w/ Nude Girls, Will LaPietra, The Seed of Something
FRI 8/16 Kansas City, KS - CAIRO @ FOKL (556 Central Avenue) w/ Palace Neopolitan, Anson Ornery, Brain Food
THU 8/15 Wichita, KS (10pm) CAIRO @ Kirby's Beer Store (3227 E 17th Street) w/ Pink Mister, Mind Under Matter
WED 8/14 Colorado Springs, CO (8pm) CAIRO @ Stir (2330 N. Wahsatch Ave.) w/ Animal Bones, Mobdividual
TUE 8/13 Denver, CO (8pm) CAIRO @ Praxis (1120 W. 12th Ave) w/ Scarewolves, Calliope of the Future
MON 8/12 Denver, CO @ Leon Gallery (1112 E 17th Ave Pkwy) w/ John Horner, The Still Tide
SUN 8/11 Denver, CO (9pm) CAIRO @ GLOB (3553 Brighton Blvd) w/ Deep Satisfaction, Iuengliss, Mariposa, Forecasting
SAT 8/10 Grand Junction, CO (6pm) CAIRO @ Roasted (502 Colorado Ave) w/ Obtuse
FRI 8/9 Salt Lake City, UT (10pm) CAIRO @ Burt's Tiki Lounge (726 S State St) w/ SubRosa, Day Hymns, Moth's, Spork
THU 8/8 Twin Falls, ID (7pm) CAIRO @ The Incinerator (372 Gardner Ave) w/ Mr. Fisher and the Hospitality, Go! Go! Jesus Genius, Ehron
SAT 8/3 Spokane, WA (8pm) CAIRO @ Lux Cafe w/ Space Movies, Thelonius Dumptruck, Video Destroyer
FRI 8/2 Seattle, WA (8pm) CAIRO @ The Cherry House w/ Whitney Lyman, more
THU 8/1 Vancouver, BC - CAIRO @ Glen67 (1115b East Hastings, entrance on Glen.) w/ V Vecker, Cassette Merchant


WED 7/31 Bellingham, WA - CAIRO @ The Peach House w/ Freaky Pup, Zach Zinn, Fantard Magnus
TUE 7/30 Anacortes, WA (8pm) CAIRO @ Depot Madrona Grove     w/ West Coast Chalice, Hammertrain
SUN 7/28 Eastsound, WA (9pm) CAIRO @ Lower Tavern (46 Prune Alley)
FRI 7/26 Seattle, WA (8pm) @ Gallery 1412    (1412 8th Ave) w/ Walrus Machine, Andrew Scott Young, Garrett Moore Christopher Brown Duo, John Horner
THU 7/25 Tacoma, WA - CAIRO @ New Frontier (301 E 25th St) w/ Show and Tell, DJ Melodica
WED 7/24 Olympia, WA (8pm) CAIRO @ Guest Collective (1121 4th Ave) w/ Fall of Electricity, Eleanor Murray, Petrachor
TUE 7/23 Portland, OR - CAIRO @ Habesha (801 NE Broadway) w/ Alto!, Pinkish (Ryan Miller)
MON 7/22 Portland, OR (10pm) CAIRO @ Valentines (232 SW Ankeny St) w/ Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Paleo
SAT 7/20 Salem, OR - L.A.M.E. Fest @ Duffy's Hangar (2275 McGilchrist Street Southeast)
THU 7/18 Chico, CA CAIRO @ DEX Records (167 E. 3rd St.)
SAT 7/6 Chico, CA (8pm) CAIRO @ Gallery 1078 (820 Broadway) w/ Andy Clausen, DRM Weapon, Muddy Sours
WED 7/3 Davis, CA (8:30pm) CAIRO @ FleaSpace (946 Olive Drive)w/ Dad Punch, Beast Nest (OAK), Gorgeous Vermillion (OAK), Womb of Fury


SUN 6/30 San Fransisco, CA @ Right Spot (2099 Folsom St) w/ Danny Paul Grody, Michael Beach
SAT 6/29 Oakland, CA @ Lightbulb Garden w/ Danny Paul Grody, Andrew Weathers, John Horner
FRI 6/28 Oakland, CA - CAIRO @ Rock Paper Scissors (2278 Telegraph Ave) w/ Casey Chisholm
WED 6/26 Berkeley, CA (8pm) CAIRO @ Jupiter (2181 Shattuck Ave)
TUE 6/25 Big Sur, CA (8pm) CAIRO @ Henry Miller Memorial Library (Pacific Coast Highway) w/ Olivia Mancini, Antonette Goroch
FRI 6/21 San Luis Obispo, CA (8pm) CAIRO @ Linnaea's Cafe (1110 Garden St.)
THU 6/20 Santa Barbara, CA (7pm) CAIRO @ Muddy Waters (508 E Haley St) w/ The Wools Surf Club, Send Medicine, Waters' Risin'
MON 6/17 Los Angeles, CA (8pm) CAIRO @ Lot 1 (1529/1533 Sunset BLVD) w/ K-Mart, An Old Wig
THU 6/13 Palm Desert, CA (10pm) CAIRO @ Hood Bar (73850 California 111)
MON 6/10 Albuquerque, NM (9pm) CAIRO @ The Tannex (1417 4th St SW) w/ Bigawatt
SUN 6/9 Santa Fe, NM (8pm) CAIRO @ High Mayhem (2811 Siler Lane) w/ Ink On Paper
SAT 6/8 Lubbock, TX (10pm) CAIRO @ Meatlocker (2212 27th St.)
FRI 6/7 Oklahoma City, OK - CAIRO @ Coochie House (1433 NW 32nd Street) CANCELLED
THU 6/6 Dallas, TX (7pm) CAIRO @ Evan Horn's Place (5320 Tremont)
WED 6/5 Houston, TX (8pm) CAIRO @ Avant Garden
TUE 6/4 Alvin, TX CAIRO @ Repermastead (21064 County Rd. 143)
SAT 6/1 Austin, TX (9pm) CAIRO @ Museum of Human Achievement  (Lyons Road and Springdale Road) w/ Mongoose


TUE 5/28 Austin, TX @ The Owl w/ David Israel
TUE 5/21 Oklahoma City, OK (8pm) @ Coochie House
SUN 5/19 Wichita, KS (10pm) @ Kirby's (3227 E 17th Street) w/ The Wonder Revolution, Joom
FRI 5/17 Kansas City, MO - KC Psychfest @ FOKL / Monta HQ w/ Expo 70, Comoros, Samantha Glass, Stacian, Golden Donna, lots more
SAT 5/11 Ames, IA @ The Space (118 Hayward Ave. Suite 3)
FRI 5/10 Fairfield, IA @ The Beauty Shop
THU 5/9 Iowa City, IA (9pm) @ Crowley Castle (342 S. Dodge St.) w/ Haunter, Phil Ochs, Dwelling Fruit
FRI 5/3 Champaign, IL @ Deathtower (511 N Neil) w/ Dr Responsible, Jeremiah Fisher


MON 4/29 Chicago, IL (9pm) @ The Hungry Brain (2319 W Belmont Ave) w/ Dan Mohr Trio
SAT 4/27 Milwaukee, WI (5pm) @ Cedar House (602A East Dover St.)
FRI 4/26 Madison, WI @ Bright Red Studios (9 N. Ingersoll) w/ Bros. Grimm + DB Pedersen, Nude Human, Eskimeaux
WED 4/24 Dubuque, IA (9pm) @ Monk's (373 Bluff Street) w/ Bob Bucko/ARU, Curt Oren
MON 4/22 St. Louis, MO @ Foam (3359 S Jefferson Ave) w/ Rooster Doctor
SAT 4/20 Mufreesboro, TN (7pm) @ The Lighthouse (724 Crestland) w/ Joey Molinaro
FRI 4/19 Mufreesboro, TN Boro Fondo Music and Arts Fest @ Aura Lounge (114 S Maple St.) w/ Technikiller, Fancytramp, Methdad, Armada, Armsdale
THU 4/18 Mufreesboro, TN @ Three Brothers Deli (114 N Church St.) w/ Crayons and Antidotes
WED 4/17 Bloomington, IN (7pm) @ In Case of Emergency Press (1017 South Walnut St) w/ The Sitar Outreach Ministry, Llewellyn Garuda (Doog), Skything
MON 4/15 Indianapolis, IN @ Benjamin Berthals w/ Llewellyn Garuda (Doog)
SAT 4/13 Grand Rapids, MI (8pm) @ DAAC (115 S. Division Ave) w/ Watchbear, The Distorted Waltz, Axis & Atlas
FRI 4/12 Lansing, MI @ Hum House (8pm) w/ So Long Naota, Free Pizza
THU 4/11 Ann Arbor, MI (8:30) @ Canterbury House (721 E. Huron St) w/ The Great Collapsing Hrung
MON 4/8 Lakewood, OH (8pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Mahalls 20 Lanes (13200 Madison Ave) w/ Hriliu, Drug Frenzy, Baat (Lisa Miralia)
SAT 4/6 Cleveland, OH (9pm) Lean House (benefit for Pre-term abortion clinic)
FRI 4/5 Akron, OH (10pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Annabell's (784 W. Market St.) w/ Houses
THU 4/4 Louisville, KY (9pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Deerwood Avenue (1637 Deerwood Ave. #2)    
WED 4/3 Evansville, IN KURVA CHOIR @ PG w/ Jesse Gallamore
TUE 4/2 St. Louis, MO (9pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Foam (3359 S. Jefferson Ave.) w/ The Night Migrations
MON 4/1 St. Louis, MO - KURVA CHOIR @ Armande's House


SUN 3/31 Little Rock, AR (5pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Ezra lbs House (message for address) w/ Binary Marketting show, Ezra Ibs (Easter egg hunt and other festivities too)
SAT 3/30 Fayetteville, AR (7pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Lalaland (641 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd) w/ Martin Bemberg, Hellcake
FRI 3/29 Shreveport, LA (8pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Dalzell House (246 Dalzell Street) w/ Kyle Craft, Jacob Disedare
THU 3/28 Baton Rouge, LA (7pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Haven w/ Denton Hatcher, Melissa Wilson
WED 3/27 New Orleans, LA (9pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Mudlark Theater w/ The Moon in Gemini, WATIV
SUN 3/24 Pensacola, FL KURVA CHOIR @ Sluggo's w/ Company of Ghosts, Wolves and Jackals, Zerox 82
SAT 3/23 Panama City, FL KURVA CHOIR @ A & M Theater w/ The Jerry Riddle
FRI 3/22 Tallahassee, FL (9pm) KURVA CHOIR @ The Mansion w/ Woset, Planted Pine, Roamer X
THU 3/21 Gainesville, FL (8pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Casa Ma w/ Peter Levitov & John David Eriksen
WED 3/20 Atlanta, GA (8pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Demon Haus (239 Wilbur Ave. SE) w/ Rabbis, Hidden Compartments
TUE 3/19 Clarkston, GA (7pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Scott Burland's House w/ Brannen Burland and Schultz, Helton and Bragg
SUN 3/17 Athens, GA (4pm) KURVA CHOIR @ H(i)nds(i)ght North w/ Killick Hinds
SAT 3/16 Asheville, NC (8pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Firestorm Cafe (48 Commerce St.)
FRI 3/15 Boone, NC (9pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Espresso News (267 Howard St) w/ Villages, Nomeadze
TUE 3/12 Chapel Hill, NC - KURVA CHOIR @ Nightlight (405 1/2 W Rosemary St.) w/ Morgan's End, Microcephalic Superintendent
MON 3/11 Raleigh, NC - KURVA CHOIR @ The Hive
SUN 3/10 Virginia Beach, VA (8pm) KURVA CHOIR @ That's How I Beat Shaq w/ Bamm Bamm, Dislexia, Pinball Locomotive
SAT 3/9 Richmond, VA - KURVA CHOIR @ Bainbridge (1300 Bainbridge St.) w/ Nelly Kate, Dave Watkins
FRI 3/8 Crozet, VA (7pm) KURVA CHOIR @ The Mudhouse (5793 The Square) w/ DJ Bristol
WED 3/6 Roanoke, VA - KURVA CHOIR @ The Water Heater (813 5th Street SW) w/ The Gaffer Project, Virginia Werewolf
TUE 3/5 Charlottesville, VA-  KURVA CHOIR @ The Bridge Progressive Arts Institute (209 Monticello Road) w/ Mark Snyder
MON 3/4 Staunton, VA - KURVA CHOIR @ Staunton Augusta Arts Center (20 S New St.)
SUN 3/3 Waynesboro, VA - KURVA CHOIR @ The Hot Spot (901 W Broad St) w/ Darlington Pair
FRI 3/1 Beverly, WV - KURVA CHOIR @ Bucky house Concert


THU 2/28 Washington, DC - KURVA CHOIR @ Graham's House (47 Bryant St NW)  
***CANCELED*** TUE 2/26 Washington, DC - KURVA CHOIR @ The Dunes
SUN 2/24 Philadelphia, PA  KURVA CHOIR @ Oedipal Dungeon (429A N. 40th St) w/ Power Animal, A New Heaven and a New Earth, Still Sweet
SAT 2/23 Asbury Park, NJ (9:30pm) KURVA CHOIR @ The Dauphin Grill (1401 Ocean Ave) w/ Wands
FRI  2/22 Brooklyn, NY (9pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Freedom Garden (294 Troutman St. #1L)
WED 2/20 Manhattan, NY (7pm) KURVA CHOIR @ Spectrum (121 Ludlow, Second Floor) w/ Swirm, Natti Vogel, Rebecca Patek, Ryan Krause
MON 2/18 Brooklyn, NY (8pm) Radio Zero Series @ The Sycamore (1118 Cortelyou Road) w/ Vartan Mamigonian, Jessica Pavone
SAT 2/16 Buffalo, NY @ The Vault (702 Main Street) w/ Jessica Pavone, Sonny Baker, On Guard
FRI 2/14 Toronto, ON (8pm) @ Tranzac
WED 2/13 Ottawa, ON (8pm) @ Pressed w/ Adam Saikaley Quartet
TUE 2/12 Montreal, QC @ Le Jardin St. Charles w/ Jessica Pavone, Hazy+Velvet Glacier
MON 2/11 Montreal, QC - KIRTAN CHOIR @ Psychic City w/ Félix de l'Étoile
SUN 2/10 Brattelboro, VT @ House show w/ Chris Weisman, Kurt Weisman, Jessica Pavone, Bromp Treb
SAT 2/9 Portland, ME (8pm) @ Strange Maine w/ Jessica Pavone, Video Nasties, id m theft able, Tom K (CANCELLED)
FRI  2/8 Lowell, MA (7pm) @ 119 Gallery (119 Chelmsford St.) w/ Jessica Pavone (CANCELLED)
THU 2/7 New Haven, CT @ Jose Oyola’s Taco Hut (265 Orange St) w/ Jessica Pavone, An Historic
MON 2/4  Brooklyn, NY (8pm) KIRTAN CHOIR @ Pete's Candy Store (709 Lorimer St) w/ Chris Faeroplane & Emily Einhorn, Rachel Laitman & Brian Fitzsousa, Brian Dolphin
SAT 2/2  Brooklyn, NY @ Freedom Garden (294 Troutman St. #1L) w/ Aye Aye Rabbit, Doug Weiselman, Nick Millevoi & Keir Neuringer
FRI 2/1  Hudson, NY @ The Spotty Dog  (440 Warren St.) w/ Liv Carrow


THU  1/31 Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave) w/ Gaybot, Ahura Mazda, Rash
WED 1/30  Rochester, NY @ Rust (moved from Monty's Krown) w/ Nasa Sent Wolves, Eating Animals, Battling Skeksis, Black Bandit & the Stick-ups
MON 1/28 Rochester, NY - CAIRO @ VSW (31 Prince Street) w/ Tumul, Orcastration, Freeman/Lake
SUN 1/27 Buffalo, NY (8pm) CAIRO @ The Vault (702 Main Street) w/ Bear Flames
SAT 1/26 Cleveland, OH - CAIRO @ Castle Greatskull w/ Hirilu, Fangface, Mike Chattam and Nicolette Spiranovich
FRI 1/25 Akron, OH - CAIRO @ Blueberry House (21 N Highland Ave) w/ Matt Haas, We Came from Asia
THU 1/24 Pittsburgh, PA - CAIRO @ The Gopher Hole (moved from Caliente)
WED 1/23 Philadelphia, PA - CAIRO @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ This is your life (VA), 3 other punk bands
TUE 1/22 Lindenwold, NJ (8pm) CAIRO @ The Sex Dungeon w/ Mohican, Air is Human
MON 1/21 Brooklyn, NY - CAIRO @ Death By Audio (49 S. 2nd Street) w/ Aye Aye Rabbit, Smother Party, Glockabelle
SAT 1/19 Horseheads, NY (9pm) CAIRO @ Silver Bird Espresso (119 West Franklin)
FRI 1/18 Syracuse, NY - CAIRO @ 741 Maryland Ave w/ Bloodsport
WED 1/16 Rochester, NY (8pm) CAIRO @ The Bug Jar (219 Monroe Ave) w/ Blood and Bone Orchestra, Crush the Junta, Rash
SAT 1/12 Rochester, NY (8pm) @ The Yards (50-52 Public Market) w/ Pegacide, Hnossa, Black Bandit and the Stickups
SAT 1/5 Caen, France (20h30) @ Groarg Palace (14 Rue Alexandre) w/ Grand Parc, Spite House
FRI 1/4 Cherbourg, France @ Le Transat

2012 SHOWS

WED 11 Brooklyn, NY (8:30pm) Kirtan @ Zebulon
SAT 14 Brooklyn, NY - DSM-IV @ Shea Stadium w/ Controlled Bleeding, Diamond Terrifier, Dan Friel
TUE 17 Washington, DC @ Velvet Lounge w/ Anthony Pirog, Tag Cloud
THU 19 Richmond, VA (7pm) Potluck @ Dave's Place (2022 Newman Rd.) w/ Dave Watkins, Netherfriends
FRI 20 Charlottesville, VA @ Tea Bazaar w/ Lester Seal, Robert Shropshire
SAT 21 Roanoke, VA (7pm) @ The Water Heater w/ No Place Like Cloud Base, Levaughn Teretto
SUN 22 Roanoke, VA (8pm) Guerrilla Playhouse @ Studio Roanoke w/ Marshall Hicks and his bag of tricks
WED 25 Norfolk, VA (7pm) @ Lavender & Lace (931A West 21st St) w/ Vaginasaur, Playground Runaround
THU 26 Chapel Hill, NC @ Night Light w/ Bicameral Mind, Daniel Chambo
FRI 27 Greensboro, NC @ The Science House (1708 Trogdon St.) w/ The Kid We Hate, Owl Like Creature, Fountain Penn, Andrew Kennedy
SAT 28 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor *** CANCELLED ***
SUN 29 Lansing, NC @ Phoenix Mountain Arts w/ Slicnaton
TUE 31 Boone, NC @ Black Cat w/ Feast of the Epiphany, The Groundskeeper


SAT 4 Sylva, NC @ Guadalupe Cafe w/ New Color
SUN 5 Knoxville, TN @ Pilot Light w/ Tantras
TUE 7 Nashville, TN - Brick Factory @ Cummins Station (207 Tenth Ave. South) w/ Sugar Sk*-*lls, Kyle Hamlett (of the Lylas)
WED 8 Nashville, TN (10pm) @ Springwater Supper Club (115 27th Ave. North) w/ Tyler Bennet, Harrison B
THU 9 Murfreesboro, TN @ 3 Brothers Deli & Brewhouse    (223 West Main St.) w/ Tron 8 My Baby, Crayons and Antidotes, AJ Nua, showing of a TV show by Sleepy Pie Skulls
FRI 10 Athens, GA (10pm) @ Flicker Theater (263 W. Washington St.) w/ Los Meesfits, Maximum Busy Muscle
SAT 11 Athens, GA (8pm) @ H(i)nds(i)ght w/ Killick!
SUN 12 Atlanta, GA @ The Cut (166 Stovall St.) w/ Nerdkween, Rabbis
MON 13 Atlanta, GA (9pm) @ Lucky's Public House (moved from Couch Couch) w/ Curse, Curtis Stephens
TUE 14 Gainesville, FL (7pm) @ Volta Coffee (48 SW 2nd street) w/ Dirty Fist
WED 15 Gainesville, FL (9:30pm) @ Civic Media Center (433 S. Main Street) w/ Kathleen Kennedy
THU 16 Gainesville, FL (10pm) @ The Bull (18 SW 1 Ave.)
FRI 17 Tallahassee, FL @ Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack (325 N. Bronough)
THU 23 Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land w/ Josiah Gabriel, Names Divine, J.D. Emmanuel
FRI 24 Alvin, TX (8pm) @ Repermastead (21064 County Rd. 143) w/ Weather Theft
SUN 26 Houston, TX (7pm) Binaurium @ 14 Pews (800 Aurora St.) w/ Watson, Jansen/Cisneros/Daghighi, Lagataar/Baltazar
MON 27 Houston, TX - Boyd/Ewen/Novak/Orosco @ They Who Sound @ Avant Garden (411 Westheimer Rd.) w/ John Kennedy
TUE 28 Houston, TX (8pm) Taft Street Coffee (2115 Taft Street)
WED 29 Austin, TX @ The Woods behind Barbara's House (1303 Cometa) w/ Ben Cartright, Kaiser Zose, Barbara Anndrea Arriaga


FRI 2 Austin, TX (7pm) Laurie Gallardo & Church of the Friendly Ghost Present @ UP Collective (2326 E Cesar Chavez) w/ Ralph White
SUN 4 Austin, TX (7pm) @ Salvage Vanguard Theater (2803 E. Manor Rd.) w/ Tatsua Nakatani, Ethan Frederick Greene
MON 5 Dallas, TX @ Murmullo (408 S. Exposition)
WED 7 Norman, OK @ The Deli (309 White St.)
FRI 9 Oklahoma City, OK (8:30pm) @ Urban Roots (322 NE 2nd St.)
SAT 17 Fayetteville, AR (10pm) @ Virginia Ave. House (242 S. Virginia Ave.) w/ Willie Goehring, Rocko's Postmodern life
SUN 18 Little Rock, AR (7pm) Vino's (923 West 7th St.) w/ Psychic Ills, Balaclavas
MON 19 Jonesboro, AR (6pm) @ The Edge Coffee House (1900 Aggie Road) w/ Awkward Binoculars
TUE 20 Memphis, TN @ The Forest
WED 21 Newburgh, IN (8pm) @ Mother Brain Sound Infrastructure (5266 Epworth Rd) w/ The Sprinklesburg Ensemble, Brent
THU 22 Bowling Green, KY (7pm) @ Greener Grounds (871 Broadway Ave.)
SAT 24 Indianapolis, IN (9pm) @ Locals Only (2449 East 56th St.) w/ Ancient Slang, Vacation Club, The Hussy
WED 28 Indianapolis, IN (8pm) @ Melody Inn (3826 N. Illinois St.) w/ Mantra Noise, The Innate, Christian Taylor


WED 4 Fairfield, IA @ The Beauty Shop (105 S. Main Street)
THU 12 Fairfield, IA (8:30) Kirtan Choir @ Beauty Shop (105 S. Main Street) w/ The Back Pockets
!!!!!CANCELLED!!!!  FRI 13 Columbia, MO (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ Diva Haus (301 N. Fifth St) w/ The Funky Funky Freaks, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Netherfriends, Jimmy Angelove, Dark Blue Dark Green
SAT 14 Kansas City, MO - Kirtan Choir @ Front/Space w/ Doby Watson, CS Luxem, All Blood
FRI 27 Fairfield, IA @ The Beauty Shop (105 S. Main Street)


TUE 1 Indianapolis, IN @ Joyful Noise (1043 Virginia Ave., suite 207) w/ DMA, Christian Taylor, Ko (of Slothpop)
WED 2 Akron, OH @ Blueberry House (21 N Highland Ave) w/ Matt Haas
!!!!CANCELED!!!!!  THU 3 Pittsburgh, PA (7pm) @ Howler's w/ Dean Cercone (moved from VOMO in Johnstown)
FRI 4 Philadelphia, PA (8pm) @ Emoda Gallery (303 Moore Street) w/ Northern Valentine, Helena Espvall/Jesse Sparhawk duo, Ancient Ocean
SAT 5 Highland Park, NJ (1pm) @ Underneath th' NJ Transit Bridge (message for directions) w/ Trevor Transylvania (of Adult Band), lots more
SUN 6 Brooklyn, NY (7pm) Shy Hunters @ Zebulon (258 Wythe Ave.) w/ Free Paint, Shahzad Ismaily Trio, Joshua Stamper Quartet
MON 7 Brooklyn, NY (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ Bar 4 w/ Aaron Roche, Ghost Flute & Dice, Ancient Ocean, Jessica Pavone
TUE 8 New Paltz, NY (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ The Wine Haus (18 S. Oakwood) w/ Super Hide, Secret Release, Jake Harms & Co.
WED 9 Buffalo, NY (9pm) Kirtan Choir @ Vault (702 Main Street) w/ Malaria Control, Steve Baczkowski, T.J. Borden
THU 10 Rochester, NY (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ The Carriage House (203 Meigs St.) w/ Torus, T.J. Borden, Pegacide
CANCELLED!!!!!   FRI 11 New Paltz, NY     - Shy Hunters @ The Inn (9 Innis Ave) w/ Harbour, Lionus
SAT 12 Hudson, NY (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ Spotty Dog (440 Warren St.) w/ Wonders of the Invisible World (Alexander Turnquist/Tim Madden)
CANCELLED!!!!!   MON 14 Jamaica Plain, MA - Kirtan Choir @ Aviary Gallery & Art Boutique (48 South Street) w/ Benjamin Nelson
TUE 15 Biddeford, ME (8pm) @ The Oak and the Ax (140 Main Street suite 107, down the hall/back alley) w/ Drab Pony/Greg Jamie, 1 more
WED 16 Portland, ME (8pm) @ Slainte (24 Preble Street Extension) w/ Cycles
!!!!!CANCELLED!!!!! THU 17 Hallowell, ME (8pm) @ The Liberal Cup (115 Water St.) w/ Cycles
FRI 18 Montreal, QC (21h) @ Casa Del Popolo (4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) w/ Les Ghost's of Ghazals, Héliodrome
SAT 19 Montreal, QC (17h-20h) @ l'Escalier (522 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est) w/ Téléphone Maison, A.M. Sci.Fi
TUE 22 Toronto, ON (10pm) @ Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave.) w/ Nick Storring, Nilan Perera Trio
WED 23 London, ON (9pm) @ 755 Dundas rear b (755 Dundas rear b) w/ Peter Lebel, Jeremy Ive
THU 24 Detroit, MI (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ Trumbullplex (4210 Trumbull) w/ Joey Molinaro, The Wire Eyes, Cotton Lilly
SAT 26 Lansing, MI (9pm) @ Hum House (311 N. Magnolia) w/ The Peoples Temple, Red Monkey, Tweed Wolves, Lil' Wayne's Banshee, Ambient Dunks
MON 28 Kalamazoo, MI @ The No Fun House (210 Allen Blvd.) w/ Forget the Times feat. Fiona Dickinson, Peter Cook
WED 30 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western Ave.) w/ Victor Villareal, Dhalgren
THU 31 Chicago, IL Kirtan Choir @ The Comfort Station (2579 N. Milwaukee Ave.) w/ I ching Quartet


FRI 1 Chicago, IL (8pm) Musical accompaniment for the play "Life is a Dream" @ Building Stage
MON 4 Madison, WI @ Project Lodge (817 E. Johnson St.) w/ Weather Duo, Asumaya
TUE 5 Dubuque, IA @ Monk's (373 Bluff Street)
WED 6 Cedar Falls, IA (6:30pm) @ The Space (109 East 2nd St.) w/ Life in Vacuum, Haunter
THU 7 Iowa City, IA (9pm) @ PS1 (129 E. Washington St.) w/ Mossbed, Haunter
!!!!!!CANCELED!!!!  FRI 8 Fairfield, IA (8pm) @ The Ross Home
SAT 9 Fairfield, IA (8pm) @ The St. Mary's Rectory (402 N. 3rd Street). w/ Cuddle with Tigers
SUN 10 Ames, IA (8pm) @ The Space (118 Hayward Ave. Suite 3) w/ Open Mic
WED 13 Minot, ND (6pm) @ Laughter House 5 (623 10th Street NE) w/ Crooked Gospel of the Western Civilization, Ramshackle Glory, Chapstick, Rustic
SUN 17 Seattle, WA @ The In Arts Collective (1633 17th Ave) w/ Whitney Lyman, Kris Hall & Daniel Sansone, Stephen Neilson, Featured Poets
WED 20 Vancouver, BC (6pm) Sir Run Run's Tiny Dynasty @  The Rickshaw Theatre (254 E. Hastings St.) w/ Bletchley Bombes, DJ set by Vancouver Sun Music Writer Francois Marchand (Entry is by donation, and all proceeds go to the WISH Drop-in Centre Society.)
THU 21 Bellingham, WA (9pm) Kirtan Choir @ Big Box Candy Mountain (1108 Grant Street) w/ Toland Wright, the Hoochie band?, more
FRI 22 Eastsound (Orcas Island), WA (7:30pm) Kirtan Choir @ Outlook Inn (171 Main Street) w/ Michaud Savage, Toland Wright, Christopher Greenchild, Hailey and Bridget and Walter
SAT 23 Seattle, WA (9pm) Bad For Jazz presents Kirtan Choir @ Teatro de la Psychomachia (1534 1st Ave. South, 2nd floor) w/ Lori Goldston, Angelo Spencer, Slashed Tires
SUN 24 Tacoma, WA - Kirtan Choir @ 10 O'Clock Spot (1312 MLK Way) w/ Tallest Tree, Humble Cub, N. Dybevik + Friends.
MON 25 Olympia, WA (7pm) Kirtan Choir @ Frump House (1905 Giles) w/ Faeroplane, Derek M. Johnson
WED 27 Portland, OR (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ Boom Bap (640 SE Stark) w/ Zouaves, Cotton, Butt2Butt
THU 28 Corvallis, OR - Kirtan Choir @ Cloud and Kelly's Public House (126 Sw First St.) w/ Lucky Strangers, Old Age
FRI 29 Eugene, OR (6pm) Kirtan Choir @ Eugene Whiteaker Int’l Hostel (970 W. 3rd Ave.) w/ Behind the Mind, The Empeys


THU 5 Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda (265 Humboldt Ave) w/ Clouds on Strings, DRMWEAPON
THU 19 Grand Junction, CO (8pm) @ The Grey Race (934 Rood Avenue) w/ Obtuse, No Cash Value
FRI 20 Denver, CO @ The Tea House (721 Elati St.) w/ Cardinal Veil, Mirror Fears, Moonlings, Paramout Black
SAT 21 Fort Collins, CO @ GNU Gallery (109 Linden St., downstairs) w/ Otem Rellik
SUN 22 Colorado Springs, CO (8pm) @ Bill Starr's (1730 Mesa Rd.) w/ Dear Rabbit, Lingua Franca
MON 23 Wichita, KS (10pm) @ Kirby's (3227 E 17th Street) w/ Francis Moss, Belafonte, 1 more
TUE 24 Lawrence, KS (7pm) @ Perculator
WED 25 Columbia, MO @ Diva Haus w/ bigawatt, fliight
THU 26 St. Louis, MO @ Foam (3359 S. Jefferson Avenue) w/ Syna So Pro, XXO
FRI 27 Evansville, IN @ Alhambra (50 Adams Avenue) w/ Showing of the film, "Lord of the Flies"
SAT 28 Murfreesboro, TN @ Spaceship Studios (1107 Harrison Ave.) w/ Ace of Coins, TronAteMyBaby
MON 30 Lansing, NC (6pm) @ Phoenix Mountain Arts w/ Pine Tree Line
TUE 31 Boone, NC @ 641 RPM


THU 9 New York, NY - Shy Hunters @ Glasslands (289 Kent Ave.) w/ Companion, The Building, Aaron Roche
FRI 10 Milan, NY - Shy Hunters @ Great Song Farm w/ Jollie Holland, Margeret Glasp
SAT 11 Boston, MA - Shy Hunters @ O'Brian's Pub w/ Lifestyle
SUN 12 Burlington, VT - Shy Hunters @ Club Metronome (188 Main Street) w/ Joey Pizza Slice, Other Cities
TUE 14 Ithaca, NY - Shy Hunters @ Angry Mom Records (115 The Commons, in the basement of Autumn Leaves) CANCELED
WED 15 Rochester, NY - Shy Hunters @ Carriage House w/ Attica Basement, Nod, Videodrag
THU 16 Buffalo, NY - Shy Hunters @ The Vault w/ Pam Schwartz, Gentleman John and the Positive Ions, The Cellars
FRI 17 Akron, OH (10pm) Shy Hunters @ Annabell's (784 W. Market St.) w/ The Giggities, Group Sex Poets, Xtra Crispy
MON 20 Hamtramck, MI - Shy Hunters @ New Dodge Lounge (8850 Joseph Campau Street) w/ The Summer Pledge, Phantasmagoria
TUE 21 Lansing, MI - Shy Hunters @ Hum House (311 N. Magnolia) w/ Decades, Red Monkey
WED 22 Grand Rapids, MI Shy Hunters @ The DAAC (115 S. Division Ave.)
THU 23 Kalamazoo, MI - Shy Hunters @ Louie's Trophy House (440 East North St.) w/ Nathan K, Birdfingers
FRI 24 Chicago, IL Shy Hunters @ Abbey Pub (Green Room)
SAT 25 Indianapolis, IN - Shy Hunters @ Joyful Noise (1043 Virginia Ave. Suite 207) w/ Ko, Heavy Hometown
SUN 26 Louisville, KY - Shy Hunters @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar w/ Keenan Lawlor, Frank Rizzo Band.
MON 27 Murfreesboro, TN (10pm) Shy Hunters @ Hausu (914 Ewing Ave) w/ Crayons and Antidotes, Methdad, Body of Light, more
TUE 28 Nashville, TN - Shy Hunters @ The End w/ The Stoves
WED 29 Atlanta, GA - Shy Hunters @ Sriracha House (1865 Winthrop drive) w/ Abien, more
THU 30 Charlotte, NC - Shy Hunters @ Evening Muse (3227 North Davidson Street) w/ Garlic City, Neo Positive
FRI 31 Richmond, VA - Shy Hunters @ 13ainbridge Collective (1300 Bainbridge St.) w/ Dave Watkins


SUN 1 Charlottesville, VA - Shy Hunters @ The Garage (100 W. Jefferson St.)
SUN 2 Washington, DC - Shy Hunters @ The Dunes w/ Southern Problems, Schwervon
TUE 3 Philadelphia, PA - Shy Hunters @ Kung Fu Necktie
WED 5 New Paltz, NY (7pm) @ The Inn (9 Innis Ave) w/ Harold & Maude (film showing)
FRI 7 Brooklyn, NY - Shy Hunters @ Zebulon w/ Aaron Roche, DJ Nonstop
SUN 9 New Haven, CT (7pm) @ Never Ending Books (810 State Street) w/ Dr. Caterwaul, Milksop Unsung
SUN 16 Rochester, NY @ The Yards w/ Nassa Sent Wolves feat. Alana Batrowny, A.K. Williams and Shannon Scally, Jenna Giuliani, improv set with Martin Freeman, Paul Scota, Tom Montagliano, and the One Dance Company, Projections by Dr. Hamburger.
THU 20 Buffalo, NY - Brute Squad @ The Vault w/ Martin Freeman / TJ Borden duo, Malaria Control, Totem Pole
SAT 22 Hudson, NY @ Spotty Dog (440 Warren St.) w/ Lora-Faye
WED 26 Brooklyn, NY - Shy Hunters @ Glasslands w/ Love Inks, Baby Alpaca, Young Unknowns
THU 27 Baltimore, MD - Shy Hunters @ Joe 2
FRI 28 Durham, NC - Shy Hunters @ Duke Coffeehouse w/ Twilighter
SAT 29 Washington, DC - Shy Hunters @ The Dunes w/ Alex Vans and the Hideaway
SUN 30 Brooklyn, NY - Shy Hunters @ Full Moon Rooftop Show (260 Moore Street, Bushwick) w/ The Shivers, Momma Holler, Soundscapes by Clarke After Dark


THU 4 Paris, France @ Le Vieux Léon w/ DJ Caandides.
FRI 5 Paris, France (8pm) @ Le Bon Accueil (64 Rue Alexandre Dumas)
TUE 9 Brussels, Belgium @ Cafe Central (Rue Borgval, 14) w/ The Pitch 'Liquid Quartet'
WED 10 Lille, France (20h) @ Cafe Citoyen (7 Place du Vieux Marché aux Chevaux)
THU 11 Lille, France @ La Kabana (message for address. All welcome.)
MON 15 Brussels, Belgium (22h) @ Chaff Cafe (Place du Jeu de Balle / Vosseplein 21)
TUE 16 Brussels, Belgium (21h) @ Compiloteque (Quai des Péniches / Akenkaai 50) w/ Katjas Zorn
THU 18 Brussels, Belgium (20h30) @ Rock Classic Bar (Rue Du Marché Au Charbon 55)
FRI 19 Amsterdam, NL @ Barco Cafe (Oosterdokseiland 10)
WED 24 Brussels, Belgium (21h) Hi Shi Wah Killers @ Cafe Central (Rue Borgval, 14)
FRI 26 Aarhus, Denmark (20h) @ Splab (Det Jyske Kunstakademi, Mejlgade 32-34) w/ Macumbista, Distortion Girls
MON 29 Copenhagen, Denmark (20h) BÆST monday EVER @ Huset-KBH (Rådhusstræde 13) w/ Own Road


FRI 2 Stockholm, Sweden @ Underbron (Hammarby Slussväg 2) w/ Ela Orleans
SAT 3 Gothenburg, Sweden @ ‘Hey It’s Enrico Pallazzo!’ Gallery (Sockerbruket 20-22) w/ Ela Orleans, Moon and Sun, Jonny Essing
TUE 6 Berlin, Germany (21h) @ Salon Remise (Schuckerthöfe - Haus F Am Treptower Park 28-30)
FRI 9 Berlin, Germany ("Official Merchandise Operator" for Air Cushion Finish, as they support Godspeed)
SAT 10 Bydgoszcz, Poland @ Mozg
THU 15 Frankfurt, Germany (19h) @ Ausstellungshalle der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main (Sophienstrasse 1-3)
SUN 18 Brussels, Belgium - Rhonya @ Compilotheque
THU 22 Antwerp, Belgium (20h) @ The Palazzo (Peter Benoitstraat 16) w/ Sequences
WED 28 Brussels, Belgium - Rhonya @ Cafe Central (Rue Borgval, 14)
THU 29 Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Werklicht (Putsebocht 74a) w/ St. Polaroid, Mark Lotterman, Felix van Cleeff
FRI 30 Rotterdam, Netherlands @ RAAF Rotterdam (Hillelaan 19) w/ Hobo's Hope, Whiskers EP


SAT 1 Zottegem, Belgium (20h30) @ dunk!HQ (Letterkouter 3)
SUN 2 London, UK (6pm) The Sinful Supper @ Victoria Pub (110 Grove Road, Mile End) w/ Daniel Merrill
WED 5 Glasgow, UK @ The 13th Note (50-60 King Street)
THU 6 Edinburgh, UK @ The Banshee Labyrinth w/ Matt Collings
SAT 8 Nottingham, UK (8pm) @ JT Soar (Aberdeen Street) w/ Needle (Belgium), Mender, There are Ghosts
TUE 11 Cambridge, UK (8pm) @ CB2 (5/7, Norfolk St) w/ Tom Adams, Patrick Widdess & Andy Buclaw
FRI 14 London, UK @ Utrophia (120-122 High Street, Deptford)
TUE 18 Le Mans, France (20h) @ L'austral (Place du parc Monod)
WED 19 Nantes, France @ Livresse (9, Rue De L'hôtel De Ville)
THU 20 Rennes, France @ La Bascule (2 Rue Bascule)
FRI 21 Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier, France @ Bar d’à côté (33 rue Porte Carrée)
WED 26 Winterthur, Switzerland (20h) @ HIKS (Neustadtgasse 20)

2011 SHOWS

SAT 1 Clarkston, GA (5pm) - Kirtan Trio @ Scott's House (749 Northern Avenue) w/ Andrew Weathers, Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel
SAT 1 Atlanta, GA (10pm) - Kirtan Trio @ The Cut (166 Stovall SE) w/ Nerdkween, Andrew Weathers
SUN 2 Athens, GA - Kirtan Trio @ 260 N. Chase St. w/ Liverty, Andrew Weathers, Asshole Cassarole
TUE 4 Gainesville, FL - Kirtan Trio (9pm) @ Civic Media Center (433 S. Main Street) w/ Andrew Weathers, To All My Dear Friends
WED 5 Panama City, FL - Kirtan Trio (7pm) @ Beck's Underground (1121 Beck Ave) w/ The Jerry Riddle, Trees Eating Humans, Josh Browning, Andrew Weathers
THU 6 Pensicola, FL - Kirtan Trio (9pm) @ Sluggo's w/ Andrew Weathers, Greg Bond, Daniella
FRI 7 New Orleans, LA - Kirtan Trio @ Mudlark Theater w/ Andrew Weathers, Proud Fathers, Jewel Yen
SAT 8 Baton Rouge, LA - Kirtan Trio @ Haven ( 651 Laurel St.) w/ Andrew Weathers, Erin Miley, Becca Hebert
SUN 9 Houston, TX - Kirtan Choir @ Mekong Underground (2808 Milam Street) w/ Doug Faulk & Ryan Edwards
FRI 21 Austin, TX @ Barbara's place (1112 E. 9th) w/ Barbara Arriaga
TUE 25 San Marcos, TX @ Tantra Coffee w/ Roger Sellers
FRI 28 El Paso, TX (10pm) @ Stanton House (1512 N. Stanton) w/ Bat Cave, Chris Bailey, The Dismissal


THU 3 Phoenix, AZ @ Dressing Room w/ Michelle Blades, One Hundred Flowers, Sean Brennan
SAT 5 Tijuana, Mexico @ Loft 1230 w/ Bonfire Madigan, Dubus
MON 7 San Diego, CA @ Tin Can Alehouse w/ Kenseth Thibideau, One Hundred Flowers
SAT 12 Long Beach, CA @ Open w/ Chris Schlarb's Psychic Temple
SUN 13 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell (247 South Main Street) w/ Chris Schlarb's Psychic Temple, Pauley Pesh, Traps.PS
MON 14 Los Angeles, CA (9:30pm) @ Pehrspace (325 Glendale Blvd.) w/ Narwhal Party, Koban
TUE 15 Isla Vista, CA (7:30pm) @ Biko Garage (6612 Sueno Rd.) w/ Chumpstain, more
FRI 18 San Luis Obispo, CA (8pm) @ Linnaea's Cafe
SAT 19 Big Sur, CA @ Henry Miller Memorial Library
SUN 20 Santa Cruz, CA (7pm) @ Unity Temple (407 Broadway) w/ Screening of Franklin Lopez's "End:Civ"
TUE 22 San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ The Drift, High Wolf
WED 23 Oakland, CA @ Mama Buzz w/ Casey Chisholm, Pregnant
FRI 25 Berkeley, CA @ Jupiter
SAT 26 Berkeley, CA (8pm) - Last Saturday Cabaret @ Firehouse North gallery (1790 Shattuck) w/ DoseOne, Pine, DJ set by Bobby Peru, more.
MON 28 Davis, CA (8pm) @ Delta of Venus (122 B Street) w/ Mucky the Ducky


THU 3 Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda w/ Empty Set, Birds of Fire, Steve French        
MON 7 Ashland, OR - Johnny B's
TUE 8 Medford, OR (8:30) @ Musichead w/ Andy Cassad, Stereotyped
THU 10 Eugene, OR - CANCELED
FRI 11 Corvallis, OR @ Interzone Cafe w/ Bloody Twins, Joshua du Chene, Evlove
SUN 13 Portland, OR @ The North Pole (4551 NE Sumner St.) w/ Miss Massive Snowflake, Eet
MON 14 Portland, OR @ Lewis & Clark Co-Op
TUE 15 Chehalis, WA (7pm) @ The Matrix w/ Derek M. Johnson
WED 16 Olympia, WA (6pm) @ True Stump House (2639 28th Ave NW) w/ Michaud Savage, Jacob Peck
THU 17 Tacoma, WA @ New Frontier w/ Lozen, The Curious Mystery, The Center Cannot Hold
FRI 18 Seattle, WA *** CANCELED *** @ The In (1633 17th Ave)
SAT 19 Vancouver, BC (10pm) w/ Limbs of the stars (featuring members from Fond of Tigers)
FRI 25 Olga, WA (7pm) @ Doe Bay Resort and Retreat (107 Doe Bay Rd, on Orcas Island)
SUN 27 Bellingham, WA (7pm) @ NoHouse (1300 Humboldt St.) w/ Zach Zinn, more
WED 30 Missoula, MT @ ZACC Basement (235 N. 1st St. West)
THU 31 Bozeman, MT (5pm) @ Cactus Records


SAT 2 Minot, ND (6pm) @ Pangea House w/ Binary Marketing Show, Snuggle, Crackbox, Mindcrye, Peer Precious
WED 6 Minneapolis, MN @ Kitty Kat Club w/ Paul Metzger, Growth Spert, Natural Gadget
THU 7 St. Paul, MN (9pm) @ Big V's w/ West 55, The Set
SAT 9 Ames, IA (8pm) @ The Pink Lady (704 Duff Ave) w/ Adam Faucett, Sean, (3 short plays by Jerrod Jordahl were canceled)
WED 13 Dubuque, IA - PALEO @ Monk's w/ Bob and Dave's Calamity Hour
THU 14 Madison, WI - PALEO @ Project Lodge w/ Pezzettino
FRI 15 Elgin, IL    - PALEO @ Gasthaus (15 N Grove Ave.) w/ Vehicle, more
SAT 16 Chicago, IL - PALEO @ Observatory Loft (3036 N Lincoln) w/ Shenandoah Davis, Margot And The Nuclear So & So's (Moved very last minute to The Wasp's Nest - 1702 N. Francisco).
SUN 17 Ft. Wayne, IN - PALEO @ Brass Rail w/ The Allen County Sanctified Singers
MON 18 Grand Rapids, MI - PALEO @ DAAC w/ Royl Space, Winter Break, Procession
TUE 19 Lansing, MI - PALEO @ Basement 414 w/ Stargrazer, Jazzy Knives, Alex Hug, Night Thoughts
WED 20 Ypsilanti, MI - PALEO @ Woodruff's w/ Cash Harrison, Del Brutto, The Forty Two
THU 21 Cleveland, OH - PALEO @ The Boo Box (1834 W. 45th) w/ David Lynch
FRI 22 Buffalo, NY - PALEO @ The Vault w/ Kevin Cain, Martin Freeman
SAT 23 Alfred, NY - PALEO @ Alfred University Student Center
MON 25 Rochester, NY - PALEO @ Bug Jar w/ Attic Abasement, The Dads
TUE 26 Hartford, CT - PALEO @ Charter Oak Cultural Center w/ Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, John Parson
WED 27 New York, NY - PALEO @ Piano's w/ Grimis
THU 28 New Paltz, NY - PALEO @ 371 State Route 32 South w/ Big Boss Sausage, The Nelsonvillains
FRI 29 Brooklyn, NY - PALEO @ Knitting Factory w/ LAKE, Ages and ages
SAT 30 Vintondale, PA - PALEO @ Punk Rock Prom 2011 (@The Vintondale Firemen's Club) w/ The Rugs, The Sleepy Trees, Rubber Necking, Sports Metaphors, Higher Fives, The Sunflower Spectacle, The Hit and Miss Engines, Laika the Astro Hound, maybe more.


SUN 1 Columbus, OH - PALEO @ Carabar w/ Barn Owls, Spruce Cambells
MON 2 Dayton, OH - PALEO @ South Park Tavern
TUE 3 Lexington, KY - PALEO @ Green Lantern
WED 4 Louisville, KY - PALEO @ Derby City Espresso w/ Karass, Shawn Sleeps Naked
THU 5 Knoxville, TN - PALEO @ Pilot Light w/ McBride, William
FRI 6 Chattanooga, TN - PALEO @ Collective Clothing Warehouse (4015 Tennessee Ave) *** CANCELED ***
SAT 7 Nashville, TN - PALEO @ Betty's w/ Renee Carafice, Eric Andre, R Stevie Moore
SUN 8 Bloomington, IN - PALEO @ The Bishop w/ David Vandervelde, Tilford Sellers
TUE 10 St. Louis, MO - PALEO @ The Warehouse w/ O Fool, Humdrum
WED 11 Fairfield, IA - PALEO @ Beauty Shop w/ Zoey Bookbinder, Shenandoah Davis, Taylor Ross, Julia Ross
THU 12 Chicago, IL - PALEO @ Pancho's w/ The Loom, more
FRI 13 Chicago, IL @ Mortville (2106 S. Kedzie, 3rd floor) w/ Names Divine, CMI, Ryley Walker, Mr. Forefinger, The Speers, Rand Sevilla, Teaadora, Three Brained Robot, more.
SAT 14 Lansing, MI @ Gone Wired w/ Full Frontal, Loop Goat, Jazzy Knives, Psychedelic Good
SUN 15 Toronto, ON @ Tranzac w/ Khora, A Priori, Kite
MON 16 London, ON @ London Music Club (moved from Marigold Studios due to flood) w/ A Priori, Kite
TUE 17 Buffalo, NY (7pm) @ Merge (439 Delaware Avenue)
TUE 17 Buffalo, NY (10pm) @ The Vault (702 Main Street) w/ Crushing Something, Kevin Cain, Kyle?
(Yes, that's two shows in the same night. That's how I roll.)
WED 18 Rochester, NY (8pm) @ The Dress Barn (1305 South Plymouth Ave.) w/ Ju-Jajuba, Torus
FRI 20 New Paltz, NY @ Route 32 Music Festival (371 State Route 32 South) w/ Porches, Spook Houses, Nelsonvillains, Speak Daggers, Backwords, No One And The Somebodies, Wind-Up Bird, Adir L.C. & The Fairweather Friend, Tom Christie, Why The Wires, Fight A Scary Dog, Steal City, Godchilla, Underground River, Year On A Mountain, more
SAT 21 New York, NY @ Ding Dong Cafe (929 Columbus Ave)    w/ Pezzettino, Teaadora
SUN 22 Brooklyn, NY @ Cafe Orwell (247 Varet St.) w/ Noam Faingold Orchestra, Tess Walkoski/Jason Adler
MON 23 Brooklyn, NY - Sarah Small's Tableau Vivant @ Skylight One Hanson
TUE 24 Brooklyn, NY - Sarah Small's Tableau Vivant @ Skylight One Hanson
WED 25 Brooklyn, NY @ Sycamore w/ Jason Ajemian & Co.,  Katherine Young/Jacob Wick Duo
THU 26 Highland Park, NJ (6:30pm)    @ Under the bridge w/ Pots & Powercells, James Christy
FRI 27 Philadelphia, PA (7pm sharp) @ Greenline Cafe (4426 Locust St.)     w/ Yianni Kourmadas (Hermit Thrushes), Andrew Weathers, Quilt
SAT 28 Charlottesville, VA (8pm) @ The Garage w/ Scott Richie, DBB Plays Cups
MON 30 Harrisonburg, VA (9pm) @ Blue Nile (181 North Main St.) w/ Medicine Calf, Kids Garden
TUE 31 Lynchburg, VA (8pm) @ The White Hart (1208 Main St.) w/ asentimentalsong (Joe Morgan of The Late Virginia Summers)


WED 1 Boone, NC @ Black Cat Burrito (127 South Depot St.) w/ Oulipo, Spacelab 2.0
THU 2 Charlotte, NC (9pm) @ Dialect Gallery (3204-C North Davidson St.) w/ Bo White
FRI 3 Fletcher, NC (10pm) @ Solotechne House (875 Mills Gap Rd.) w/ Kinjac
SAT 4 Murfreesboro, TN (10pm) @ Meow Manor (1109 N. Spring St.) w/ Koala T & the Eucalyptus Leaves, Nelson Taylor, Inert Ingredients
SUN 5 Evansville, IN (8pm) @ Hope for the Rejected (223B Main St.) w/ Stationary Odyssey, L'Shem, Joey Malinaro
MON 6 Indianapolis, IN (8pm) @ Melt House (2111 N. Pennsylvania St.) w/ Joey Malinaro
TUE 7 St. Louis, MO @ Cranky Yellow (2847 Cherokee Street) w/ Barely Free Partial Prisoners, Badgerhunt, Doctor Dinosaur
FRI 10 Kansas City, MO @ Firehouse (4518 Troost) w/ Matt Dill, Doby Watson
SAT 11 Joplin, MO (6pm) @ The Cesspool Castle (104 N. Jackson)
TUE 14 Houston, TX (9pm) @ Khon's Bar (2808 Milam Street) w/ Astrogenic Hallucination (aka Spike The Percussionist), Brightbluebeetle (Paul Connely), Jonathan Jindra/Shaun Kelly (of Exterminating Angels/Rotten Piece).
THU 16 Austin, TX @ Hole in the Wall w/ Reverend Glasseye, Paleo, Cartright
FRI 17 - SUN 19 Austin, TX (6pm) NMASS @ Salvalge Vanguard Theater w/ Beat Imprint, Skye Ashbrook, Chris Schlarb's Psychic Temple, Jonathan Dueck, Sandy Ewen, Thomas Helton/Core Trio, Derek Rogers, Dave Demaris, Lustigovi (Sean O’Neil) & Tesseract, Clay Odom, Plutonium Farmerd, Bee vs. Moth Duo, Ralph White, Aaron Roche, Josh Ronson / Brekekekexkoaxkoax, Enantiodromia (from Wave Hands Like Clouds), Total Unicorn Entertainment System, Rosalyn Nasky & Gathering of Strings w/ Tim Doyle & Polydactyl Hemingway, Deena Odelle Hyatt, Culo de Oro / The Golden Ass Julia Barbosa Landois, Martes, Smoky Emery, Vision Improv Orchestra
FRI 24 Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room (29 West Southern Ave.) w/ Paleo, Michelle Blades
SAT 25 Phoenix, AZ (8pm) - Kirtan @ Judy (917 E. Pierce St.) w/ Good Amount, Ari & Her Banjo, Melt Face
MON 27 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar w/ Kenseth & Brandon, Secret Fun Club, Awakeners.
WED 29 San Luis Obispo, CA (7pm) Sally Loo's (1804 Osos St.) w/ Brooke Parrott
THU 30 Big Sur, CA (7:30pm) @ Henry Miller Memorial Library (Pacific Coast Highway) w/ Film at 8:30


SAT 2 Oakland, CA (7pm) House of Nostromo (4 Fifth Ave) w/ Casey Chisolm, Sister Grizzley
SUN 3 Oakland, CA (3pm) @ WE Artspace (768 40th Street) w/ Odd Nosdam, Dot Biz, Harbour & IM, Psychic Handbook, Whisperlights, Tall Grass, Winnie Bryd, Narooma, Young Haunts, Dum Spiro Spero, Spencer Owen, Silian Rail, Aimless Never Miss, Arms & Legs, The Horns of Happiness, Whqles
TUE 5 Davis, CA (7pm) DAM House (503 E Street) w/ Psychic Handbook, Monterrey Babe Aquarium
FRI 8 Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda w/ Paleo, The Empty Set, Anna Lucia
THU 14 - SUN 17 Grass Valley, CA - Kirtan Choir @ California Worldfest w/ India.Arie & Idan Raichel, David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, Jake Shimabukuro, Nanci Griffith, Doc Severinsen & San Miguel 5, Delhi 2 Dublin, Andrew York, Plena Libre, The Greencards, Bluehouse, SambaDa', Jez Lowe, Rosie Burgess Trio, Los Llaneros, Pistolera, Limpopo, Steve Riley & Mamou Playboys, Good Lovelies, Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, Handful of Luvin', Zili Misik, Khaira Arby & her Band, Brass Mafia, Banana Slug String Band, Professor Merloch Silvermaine, more
FRI 22 Salt Lake City, UT @ Liquid Joe's w/ Theta Naught, Hectic Hobo, Veggie Stew
SAT 23 Provo, UT @ Muse Music w/ Natasha Watts
SUN 24 Colorado Springs, CO (8pm) @ Zodiac (230 Pueblo Ave) w/ Mob Individual, Juliet Kerlin
THU 28 Denver, CO (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ Titwrench Festival (G.L.O.B. - 3551 Brighton Blvd) w/ Bast, Sara Century's Bitch Circus, Dangerous Nonsense, Tine, Night of Joy, The Manxx, Sin Desires Marie
FRI 29 Albuquerque, NM (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ The Outerspace (309 Washington St. SE) w/ Red v Black, Sparkler Bombs, Binary Marketing Show
SUN 31 Lubbock, TX (10pm) Kirtan Choir @ Monster House (2201 17th Ave) w/ Nadia, Damon (of Coquelicot), Uncle Junior


MON 1 Oklahoma City, OK (9pm) Kirtan Choir @ Hi Lo Club (1221 Northwest 50th Street) w/ Ryan Lawson, Jailbox.
THU 4 Joplin, MO (6pm) Kirtan Choir @ Cesspool Castle (104 N. Jackson Ave.) w/ Poisonwood, Still Reign
FRI 5 Wichita, KS (9pm) Kirtan Choir @ Naked City (121 N. Mead Ste. 104) w/ Quinn Lake
SUN 7 Kansas City, MO (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ Firehouse (4518 Troost Ave) w/ The Conquerors, Lazy, The Delighted
MON 8 Columbia, MO (9pm) Kirtan Choir @ Side Show (1201 E Broadway Ste C)
TUE 9 St. Louis, MO Kirtan Choir @ Black Bear Bakery (2639 Cherokee St.) w/ Hobosexuals, The Eend, Brother Gruesome
FRI 12 Fairfield, IA (8pm) @ The Beauty Shop (105 S. Main St.) w/ Julia Ross
SAT 13 Ames, IA (8pm) @ The Space (118 Hayward Ave, Suite 3.) w/ Mutts, more
SUN 14 Iowa City, IA (6pm) - Potluck @ The Blue House (204 N. Gilbert) w/ Phil Ochs, Chris Wiersma
MON 15 Dubuque, IA @ Monk's (373 Bluff Street) w/ Bob Bucko Jr
WED 17 Milwaukee, WI (8pm) @ The Bog Ward (823 W national Ave) w/ Peter J Woods Free Jazz Ensemble, Stock Options, Lucky Bone
THU 18 Chicago, IL (7:30pm) @ Comfort Station w/ Coppice
TUE 23 Anchorage, AK (9pm) S Lounge (720 Gambell St
THU 25 Palmer, AK (6pm) Kirtan Choir @ Vagabond Blues (642 South Alaska St # 103)
FRI 26 Anchorage, AK (5pm) @ Metro Books & Music (530 E Benson Blvd)
SAT 27 Ester, AK (9pm) Kirtan Choir @ A Frame Triangle House (3326 Goldhill Rd) w/ Isaac Paris, Rebecca File, Dirt Tea South, Young Fangs
SUN 28 Fairbanks, AK (7pm) Kirtan Choir @ College Coffee House (3677 College Rd # 4) w/ Isaac Paris
MON 29 Palmer, AK (7pm) Kirtan Choir @ The Strictland House
TUE 30 Anchorage, AK - Kirtan Choir @ The Ely House
WED 31 Girdwood, AK (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ Silvertip Grille (167 Hightower)


THU 1 Seward, AK @ Resurrect Art Coffee House Gallery (320 Third Avenue)
SAT 3 Homer, AK - KIrtan Choir @ The Pushki Palace
SUN 4 Anchorage, AK (9pm)  Kirtan Choir @ A Street Events Hall w/ B Boys on Acid, Jeffrey Parks, Gamma Radio
THU 8 Grand Rapids, MI @ DAAC (115 S. Division Ave.) w/ Fiona Dickinson, Drawings By The Devil, Patchwork
SAT 10  Lansing, MI (5pm) @ Basement 414 (414 E. Michigan Ave.) w/ Veloura Caywood, Wallace & Vomit, Tweed Wolves, Lord Vapid, Cat Midway, Chaz Brackx & the Tight Teens, more.
SUN 11 Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex (4210 Trumbull St.)
MON 12 Akron, OH (7pm) @ Blueberry House (21 N Highland Ave) w/ Comfort Clouds
TUE 13 Buffalo, NY (9pm) The Vault (700 Main St.) w/ Kevin Cain
WED 14 Rochester, NY (8pm) @ The Dress Barn (1305 South Plymouth Ave.) w/ Torus, Pegacide
THU 15 Syracuse, NY @ Spark w/ Torus, Sparhawk
FRI 16 Hudson, NY (8pm) @ Spotty Dog w/ Alexander Turnquist
SAT 17 New Paltz, NY (8pm) @ The Inn (9 Innis Ave) w/ Tom Christie (Wind-up Bird), Underground River
MON 19 Brooklyn, NY (8pm sharp) Kirtan Choir @ Bar 4 (444 Seventh Ave) w/ Mike Gamble/Carla Kihlstedt/Mattias Boss, Brad Balliett
TUE 20 Brooklyn, NY (9pm) Death By Audio (49 S. 2nd St @ Kent Ave) w/ The Netherfriends, Life Size Maps
FRI 23 Bydgoszcz, Poland @ Mozg (Gdańska 10)
SAT 24 Berlin, Germany (20h) @ Kamine und Wein (Prinzenallee 58) w/ Air Cushion Finish
SUN 25 Berlin, Germany (19h) @ Z-Bar w/ Susie Asado
TUE 27 Berlin, Germany (21:30) @ UKW 88,4 Mhz
FRI 30 Biesenthal, Germany @ Wokule w/ Air Cushion Finnish


SAT 1 Rostock, Germany @ JAZ
WED 5 Aarhus, Denmark (20h) @ Caféen, Studenterhuset (Nordre Ringgade 3) w/ Ghost Flute & Dice
THU 6 Aarhus, Denmark @ Splab, Det Jyske Kunstakademi (Mejlgade 32-34) w/ Selectricity, Jens Peter Møller
FRI 7 Gothenburg, Sweden (19:30) @ Sinnet (early show)
FRI 7 Gothenburg, Sweden (22:30) @ Koloni (late show) w/ Yo Amoeba, Peter Larsen, Sand Circles
WED 12 Stockholm, Sweden (20h) @ Strand (Hornstulls Strand 4) w/ TennisCoats
 FRI 14 Turku, Finland @ Bar Kuka w/ Raadelma
 SAT 15 Helsinki, Finland (16:00) Indian Summer vintage store (Vuorikatu 22)
 MON 17 Tallinn, Estonia @ Bar Kodu
 TUE 18 Vilnius, Lithuania @ Balti drambliai cafe (Vilnius str. 41)
 WED 19 Jelgava, Latvia (21h) @ Melno Cepurīšu Balerija (Raiņa 20)
 FRI 21 Riga, Latvia @ Cafe Taka
 THU 27 Berlin, Germany (20h) @ Schokoladen (Ackerstr. 169) w/ Tonia Reeh
 MON 31 Brussels, Belgium @ Tsegorium w/ Tseg, Feyd, more


THU 3 Plymouth, UK @ Jack Chams (50 Ebrington Street)
SUN 6 Norwich, UK @ Playhouse Bar
FRI 11 Berlin, Germany @ Roter Salon w/ Sandy Bird, Kool Things
MON 14 Brussels, Belgium (21h) @ Cafe Central (Rue Borgval, 14)
TUE 16 Antwerp, Belgium @ Envers Swa (Van Schoonhovenstraat 20)
THU 17 Paris, France (20:00) @ Le Bon Accueil (64 Rue Alexandre Dumas)
FRI 18 Paris, France @ Elodie's Place (41 Avenue de Laumière, 19th district)
SAT 19 Caen, France @ sur la presqu'île w/ Monsters build mean robots (UK)
SUN 20 Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier, France @ Bar d’à côté
MON 21 Rennes, France @ La Bascule w/ Keenan Lawler, Ryan Francesconi
TUE 22 Nantes, France - 20:00 @ Home of Jo and Regis (23 Rue des Pajaudieres)
WED 23 Cloué, France @ Alex's place (3 Grand Rue)
THU 24 Niort, France @ Bistrot de l'Eclusier
FRI 25 Bordeaux, France (20h) @ K-ARTEL Association (197 rue Judaique)
SAT 26 Paris, France - Duo with Eli Sorbsel @ le Rigoletto w/ Simon, Mozés, Matma Ghandi Road
SUN 27 Brussels, Belgium (21:00) Rhonya @ Chaff Cafe (Place du Jeu de Balle / Vosseplein 21)


THU 1 Stockholm, Sweden (19:00) @ Strand (Hornstull Strand 4) w/ Nisennenmondai (Japan)
TUE 6 Hamburg, Germany (21h) @ Electrohaus
SAT 10 Berlin, Germany @ Salon Remise (Schuckerthöfe - Am Treptower Park 28) w/ the great park
THU 15 Berlin, Germany (20h) @ Schokoladen Mitte w/ mOck, Mika Risiko, John C. Judd, Jana Sotzko
FRI 16 Prague, Czech (20:00) @ K4 w/ Naimina
SAT 17 Warsaw, Poland (20:00) @ Pardon, To Tu (Pl. Grzybowski 12/16) w/ Doministry
FRI 23 New Paltz, NY (8pm) Kirtan Choir @ Ritual (56 Main Street) w/ Underground River
THU 29 Brooklyn, NY (9pm) @ Sycamore w/ Jared Micah and Keller McDivitt, Chris Gilroy

2010 SHOWS

Fri 1st - Winston-Salem, NC @ Incognito Dojo w/ ideka, richardbenjamin
Sat 2nd - Cherokee, NC @ Tribal Grounds Coffee
Fri 15th - Asheville, NC @ Crooks and Nannies House
Sat 16th - Charlotte, NC w/ Snug Harbor w/ The Annuals, Lonnie Walker, Bo White
Sun 17th - Greensboro, NC @ Porcelain Rose Men's Home · w/ Andrew Weathers, slicnaton, more
Mon 18th - Raleigh, NC @ Pour House Music Hall w/ Slicnaton, Andrew Weathers, Remora
Wed 20th - Greenville, NC @ Tipsy Teapot w/ Leon Hash
Thu 21st - Richmond, VA @ Ghostprint Gallery (Canceled)
Fri 22nd - Baltimore, MD @ Clarissa's House (Canceled)
Sat 23rd - Philadelphia, PA @ Greenline Cafe w/ Northern Valentine, The New Heaven and the New Earth, Sensory Whore
Sun 24th - Washington DC @ Red & Black Cafe w/ Gary Rouzer, more
Mon 25th - Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile
Tue 26th - Staunton, VA @ Darjeeling Cafe
Wed 27th - Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
Thu 28th - Forest, VA - The Good Cherry w/ The Late Virginia Summers
Fri 29th - Roanoke, VA @ The Water Heater w/ Nancy & Two Meteors

Sat 6 - Boone, NC - Sextet @ 641 rpm w/ Great Architect, Blue Sunshine Massacre
Sun 7 - Asheville, NC - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Bobo Gallery w/ Villages, Zach Smith
Mon 8 - Cherokee, NC - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Tribal Grounds
Tue 9 - Athens, GA - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Go Bar
Wed 10 - Athens, GA - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Athica Institute for Contemporary Art w/ Killick
Fri 12th - Gainesville, FL - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Volta Cafe
Sat 13th - Gainesville, FL - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Heck Yeah House w/ Rio De La Muerte, Lars Din
Sun 14th - Panama City, FL - CJ Boyd Sextet @ TEK Records w/ The Jerry Riddle, Influenced Memory
Mon 15th - Pensacola, FL - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Sluggo's w/ Company of Ghosts, Hu G. Whale
Tue 16th - Birmingham, AL CANCELED
Wed 17th - Murfreesboro, TN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Castle Rouge w/ Terrorish, Dododont, & Twins
Thu 18th - Paducah, KY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Hannah's House w/ Metronome Theramin
Fri 19th - Evansville, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ River City Food Co-op w/ Stationary Odyssey
Sat 20th - Bloomington, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Bishop w/ canyonsofstatic, Normanoak, Clouds as Oceans
Sun 21st - Indianapolis, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Empty Bucket w/ Sloth Pop, more
Mon 22nd - St. Louis, MO - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Black Bear Bakery w/ Garden Plot Jackals, more
Tue 23rd - Fayetteville, AR @ Ameropad w/ Memphis Pencils, Megan Parochka
Wed 24th - Russellville, AR @ Jen & Kyle's Apartment
Thu 25th - Hot Springs, AR @ Maxine's
Fri 26th - Little Rock, AR @ House Show (moved from the ACAC) w/ Megan Parochka, more
Sat 27th - Jonesboro, AR @ Labyrinth House
Sun 28th Memphis, TN @ Odessa w/ Semalea Jensen, Michael Joyner

Tue 2nd - New Orleans, LA - Open Ears Music Series @ Blue Nile
Wed 3rd - Baton Rouge, LA - Haven
4th - Houston, TX @ w/ Indie Houston house w/ Blackie, Rapeworm, Wife
5th - Houston, TX @ Mango's w/ Limb, Cosmic Sound, more
Sun 14th - Houston, TX @ The Husk w/ I Heart Lung, Rare Grooves
Mon 15th - Houston, TX @ Avant Garden w/ I Heart Lung (Canceled)
Sun 21st - Austin, TX - Kirtan Choir @ Sunrise in an undisclosed location
Wed 24th - Brussels, BELGIUM @ La Filature w/ Acid Kirk
Thu 25th - Zottegem, BELGIUM - Dunk!fest @ Dunk!chateau (Kasteel Van Egmont)
Fri 26th - Antwerp, BELGIUM @ Kaspar Hauser Headquarters
Mon 29th - Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS @ VPRO Session

Thu 1st - Berlin, GERMANY @ Schokoladen w/ Peter Nevins, Joe Williamson & The Inconvenience
Fri 2nd - Berlin, GERMANY @ House show
Sun 4th - Biesenthal, GERMANY @ Wokule Easter Celebration
Thu 15th - Berlin, GERMANY @ Schokoladen w/ June Madrona, Leslie Helpert
Fri 16th - Lille, FRANCE @ Den’z w/ Michelle Blades
Sun 17th - Brussels, BELGIUM @ Ellen's Place w/ Michelle Blades
Mon 18th - Brussels, BELGIUM @ Sarah's Place w/ Michelle Blades
Thu 22nd - Leipzig, GERMANY @ UT Connewitz - Freiheit für Mumia Abu-Jamal!
Mon 25th - Lyon, FRANCE @ Maxe's w/ Michelle Blades
Tue 26th - Avignon, FRANCE @ Lizzie’s w/ Michelle Blades
Thu 29 - Rostock, GERMANY @ Beltaine Festival
Fri 30th - Rostock, GERMANY @ Beltaine Festival

Sat 1st - Rostock, GERMANY @ Beltaine Festival
Sun 2nd - Rostock, GERMANY @ Beltaine Festival
Mon 3rd Copenhagen, DENMARK @ Stone House
Tue 4th - Copenhagen, DENMARK @ Underwood Ink
Wed 5th - Copenhagen, DENMARK @ Poetiske Bureau
Thu 6th - Oslo, NORWAY @ Cafe Mir w/ Jae
Mon 10th - Stockholm, SWEDEN @ Hornstull Strand w/ Little Children
Tue 11th - Stockholm, SWEDEN @ Hornstull Strand
Thu 13th - Warsaw, POLAND @ Plan B
Sat 15th - Bydgoszcz, POLAND @ Mozg
Mon 17th - Berlin, GERMANY @ Valentin Stüberl
Wed 19th - Warsaw, POLAND -@ Cafe Próżna
Sat 22nd - Mainz, GERMANY - "Grenzlinien" @ Adenauer Ufer close to Theodor-Heuss-Brücke
Sun 23rd - Brussels, BELGIUM @ Tsegorium w/ Feyd, Muschi Muschi Magic Circus, Baby Fire
Wed 26th - Paris, FRANCE @ Malvina's place w/ Porcelain
Thu 27th - Saint Aubin du Cormier, FRANCE @ Bar d’à côté
Fri 28th - Rennes, FRANCE @ La Bascule w/ G, Horst du Noch
Sat 29th - Cherbourg, FRANCE @ l’Epicentre w/ Impressions d'Afrique
Sun 30th - Nantes, FRANCE @ Bitche w/ TV Buddhas, Will Guthrie, Birds Are Alive, Tom Bodin

*FRI 4 Lille, France - La Kabana w/ JB's Gypsy Jazz band
*SAT 5 (BBQ - 2pm) Brussels, Belgium - Ellen's place
*MON 7 Cambridge, UK - Portland's Arms w/ Golden Disko Ship
*TUE 8 Brighton, UK - Upstairs @ The Three And Ten w/ Glissando, Jacob's Stories
*FRI 11 Colchester, UK - Lightship down on the quay w/ Calaco, and solo sets from Dead Rat Orchestra
*SUN 13 Norwich, UK - The Rumsey Wells w/ Spidermilk, more
*WED 16 LONDON, UK - Kirtan Choir @ Cafe Oto w/ Clang Sayne, Kaneng Lolang
*THU 17 LONDON, UK - Acoustic Suicide at The Gladstone w/ Clang Sayne
*TUE 22 Berlin, Germany - Kirtan @ Madame Claude's
*THU 24 Neustrelitz, Germany - Kirtan @ Fusion Festival
*FRI 25 Neustrelitz, Germany - solo @ Fusion Festival
*SUN 27 Brussels, Belgium - Soirées Cerises @ Théâtre de la flûte enchantée
*WED 30 Austin, TX - Space 12 w/ Hello Lovers, Reverend Glasseye

THU 1 Oakland, CA @ Mama Buzz (7pm) w/ Casey Chisolm
FRI 6 Nipomo, CA @ Rancho Nipomo (12pm)
TUE 10 San Luis Obispo, CA @ Linnaea's Cafe (8pm) w/ w/ David Luning
SAT 21 El Paso, TX @ Percolator w/ Justin Roddam, J.M. Hastey
SUN 22 Austin, TX @ United States Art Authority w/ Fat Worm of Error, Weird Weeds, Low Red Center, Ralph White
MON 23 Houston, TX @ Khon's Bar (8pm) w/ Limb, Sings
TUE 24 Little Rock, AR @ ACAC w/ Kidz Pop, MegaMatt
WED 25 Russellville, AR @ The Starfox House (430 S. Glenwood Ave) 7pm
THU 26 (CANCELED) Jonesboro, AR @ Labyrinth House w/ Travis Bass
FRI 27 Nashville, TN @ Springwater w/ CB Tucker Band, Marty Love's Traveling Salvation Show
SAT 28 Indianapolis, IN - Kirtan Duo @ 2111 N. Pennsylvania St. w/ Clouds as Oceans, Meltface
MON 30 St. Louis, MO - Kirtan Choir @ Black Bear Bakery w/ Spelling Bee, Barely-Free Partial Prisoners
TUE 31 Chicago, IL @ The Whistler w/ Dan Mohr Trio

FRI 3 **CANCELED** Indianapolis, IN @ Big Car w/ Slothpop
SAT 4 Indianapolis, IN @ 321 E. 10th Street (6pm) w/ TV Mike and the Scarecrowes, Normanoak, Uno Moss, Hanz Bronze, Christian Taylor
SUN 5 Bloomington, IN @ Rachael's Cafe (7pm) w/ Sir Deja Doog, Dire Wolves
WED 8 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle (8:30pm) w/ i Ching Quartet, Dadad
THU 9 Lansing, MI @ Gone Wired w/ Stargrazer, Cat Midway, Jazzy Knives
FRI 10 Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex w/ Charles, Audra Kubat, Starlet & Aida
SAT 11 Hamtramck, MI @ The Belmont w/ Sheefy McFly & The Delorean, Elle & The Fonts, The Savage Seven
SUN 12 Ann Arbor, MI @ The Get Up w/ Strange Brew, Charlie Slick's Ambient Music Generator, Tribe of Robots
WED 15 Toronto, ON (7:30) @ Tranzac w/ Redwire Archangel
THU 16 Toledo, OH @ Toledo Bellows w/ Illusion of Safety, Corridors
FRI 17 Cleveland, OH (9pm) @ The Boo Box (1834 w.45th) w/ Dr. Quinn
SAT 18 Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks w/ Emmet & Mary CD Release show
SUN 19 Youngstown, OH @ The Future
TUE 21 Rochester, NY @ Boulder Coffee w/ Matt Golombisky, Silverfish, Albert Einstein & the Hopi
SAT 25 Brooklyn, NY (7:30) - Performing in Sarah Small's Tableau Vivant @ Powerhouse Books in Dumbo
MON 27 New Brunswick, NJ @ "Ask a Freak" w/ Pots & Powercells
TUE 28 Brooklyn, NY (8pm) @ Pete's Candy Store (709 Lorimer St.) w/ Maya Solovey, Caitlin Canty, Paul Rosevear

FRI 1 Charlottesville, VA (8:30pm) @ The Garage (100 West Jefferson St.) w/ Nelly Kate
SUN 3 Lynchburg, VA (7pm) @ The Hive w/ The Late Virginia Summers, Alaska
TUE 5 Charlottesville, VA @ Magnolia (507 10th St. NW) w/ Kania Tieffer Against the Machine, Raw Moans
WED 6 Harrisonburg, VA - The Blue Nile (181 N. Main St.) w/ w/ Rashaad Jones (Maps and Atlases)
THU 7 Asbury Park, NJ @ Third degree (625 Cookman Ave) w/ Tommy Bendel, Jon Francis
MON 11 Rhinebeck, NY @ Omega Institute Cafe w/ Lindsay Lee, Anna Pillsbury
FRI 15 Brooklyn, NY @ The Sycamore (1118 Cortelyou Rd) w/ Binary Marketing Show, Leyna Marika Papach
SUN 17 Philadelphia, PA (7pm) @ Doll House (1513 S. 15th St) w/ A Stick & a Stone, Dina & the Uke, Landlord
MON 18 Norfolk, VA @ The House of 1623 w/ Kenchan, Andrew Lane
TUE 19 Roanoke, VA @ Water Heater (813 5th St. SW) w/ The Nobles, Delta Function
SUN 24 Greensboro, NC (8pm) @ WUAG 103.1 FM (Radio Greensboro)
SUN 24 Greensboro, NC (10pm) @ Porcelain Rose Men's Home (1404 W. Friendly Ave) w/ Andrew Weathers, Water Vandals
MON 25 Charlotte, NC @ Yauhaus w/ Bo WhiteWED 27 Boone, NC @ Espresso News w/ Red Snapper, Slicnaton, Arte Povera 

TUE 2 Boone, NC @ Council House (200 Council Road)
WED 3 Asheville, NC (((CANCELLED)))
THU 4 Chapel Hill, NC (9:30pm) @ Night Light w/ Benoit Pioulard, Nik Woondt, Treeclimbr
FRI 5 Sylva, NC (9:30pm) @ Guadalupe Cafe
SAT 6 Murfreesboro, TN (9pm) @ Pawbowsky's Dog House w/ Grandchildren, Trophy Wife, Henri Mozli
SUN 7 Nashville, TN @ Open Lot w/ Ascent of Everest, Lost Trail
WED 10 Newburgh, IN @ Mother Brain Sound Infrastructure (5266 Epworth Rd.) w/ L'shem, Sans Duke
THU 11 Louisville, KY (9pm) @ The Monkeywrench w/ Keenan Lawler, Joe Dutkiewicz
FRI 12 Cincinnati, OH @ Marburg Hotel (260 Ludlow Ave) w/ Bad People
SUN 14 Bloomington, IN @ Racheal's Cafe w/ Circuit des Yeux, Jared Bartman, Normanoak
MON 15 Indianapolis, IN @ Earth House (237 N East St)
TUE 16 Chicago, IL - Ears and Eyes Night @ Jerry's Deli w/ Sean McCluskey & Caroline Davis (Tony Barba Canceled)
WED 17 Macomb, IL @ Day Old Basement (1111 W. Adams St., Western Illinois University) w/ Here Comes Chernobyl, Marcos and the Mack Daddies, The Cracks
THU 18 St. Louis, MO @ Foam w/ Skekses (CD RELEASE PARTY), O Fool
FRI 19 Normal, IL (7:30pm) @ The Lake House (204 W. Cypress St.) Neonderthal, Murton Dur, Werepire Day
SAT 20 Urbana, IL (9pm) @ Red Herring (1209 W. Oregon)  w/ Marathon, World's Worst Vegan
SUN 21 Urbana, IL (9pm) @ Geppetto's Workshop (805 N. Coler Ave.) w/ Ryan Groff, John Davey, Brother Stephen
FRI 26 Iowa City, IA (9:30pm) @ Public Space One (129 E. Washington St.) ---- CANCELED
SAT 27 Omaha, NE (6pm) @ McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe
SUN 28 Lincoln, NE (8pm) @ Cultiva Cafe (727 S. 11th St.) w/ Adamabsurdist
TUE 30 Kansas City, MO (8pm) @ The Firehouse (4518 Troost) w/ Goodwillies, Breathing Flowers

WED 1 Chanute, KS @ Chelsie's Living Room (205 N. Forest Apt. B, South entrance) w/ Timothy Tarkelly
FRI 3 Witchita, KS @ Naked City w/ The White Shadows, 69 Noses
SUN 5 Dallas, TX (8pm) @ Mountain House (5320 Tremont St.)
MON 6 Houston, TX (9pm) @ Mekong Uderground (2808 Milam Street) w/ Your Bones
SAT 18 Austin, TX @ Joe's House w/ Barbara Arriaga, The Hot as Shits
SUN 26 Houston, TX - Mekong Underground (2808 Milam Street) w/ Andrew Weathers, Josiah Gabriel
MON 27 Dallas, TX- Kirtan Trio @ Phoenix Project w/ Andrew Weathers (Moved to house in Houston)
TUE 28 Fayetteville, AR - The Blue House (326 N. Rollston) w/ Andrew Weathers, Swimming, Mother Merey and the Black Dirt
WED 29 Little Rock, AR (9pm) - Kirtan Trio @ ACAC (608 Main Street) w/ Andrew Weathers, SoloVon, Jack Bruno
THU 30 Memphis, TN - Kirtan Trio @ Odessa w/ The Ideal Setback, Andrew Weathers
FRI 31 Nashville, TN - Kirtan Trio @ Open Lot w/ Trophy Wife, T. Rust, Night Moves, Andrew Weathers, Privates, Alovus, Pineapple Explode, Gnarwhal, Details Details, NUDITY

2009 SHOWS

Fri 2nd - Denton, TX @ Camp Jagoe
Sat 3rd - Denton, TX @ Hydrant Cafe   
Sun 11th - Austin, TX @ Local Live on KVRX 91.7 FM
Thu 22nd - Austin, TX - Sexxxtet @ The Space Cave w/ Hello Lovers, Alex Dupree & the Trapdoor Band.
Fri 30th - Scottsdale, AZ @ Mandala Tea Room w/ human mirror

Wed 11th - San Luis Obispo, CA @ Linnaea’s Cafe
Fri 13th - San Luis Obispo, CA @ Hostel Obispo
Fri 20th - San Jose, CA @ Street Light Records
Sat 28th - Emeryville, CA @ Hil's place
Tue 3rd - Davis, CA @ Delta of Venus
Thu 5th - Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda w/ iMammoth Torta!
Sun 8th - Portland, OR @ Roadside Attraction
Mon 9th - Portland, OR @ The Know w/ The Friendly Skies
Tue 10th - Portland, OR @ 4003 SE 42nd Street w/ Little Czar and the Psalmist, elevator conversations
Wed 11th - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Pizza
Thu 12th - Olympia, WA @ Sizizis w/ Derek M. Johnson, Margaret Rhodes. Address: 704 4th Ave
Fri 13th - Tacoma, WA @ Silent Music Studios
Sat 14th - Tacoma, WA @ New Frontier
Sun 15th - Seattle, WA @ Rendezvous w/ Ever Changing Sky
Tue 17th - Eastsound, WA @ Indralaya   
Wed 18th Eastsound, WA @ Indralaya
Fri 20th - Spokane, WA @ Empyrean Coffee House
Sun 22nd - Missoula, MT @ ZACC Basement w/ Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, more
Tue 24th - Missoula, MT @ ZACC Upstairs w/ Lake
Sat 28th - Salt Lake City, UT @ Boing Collective w/ Theta Naught
Tue 31st - Boulder, CO - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Laughing Goat w/ The Tanukis, Maco. Terr.

Wed 1st - Denver, CO - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Rhinoceroplis w/ Christina the Hun, Pink Hawks, Doo Crowder.
Thu 2nd - Omaha, NE- CJ Boyd Sextet @ McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe
Fri 3rd - Boone, IA - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Elephungeon w/ I Love You, It’s True, The Mouseand the Bull, Mayor Byrne
Sat 4th - Lawrence, KS - CJ Boyd Sextet  @ The Bachelor Pad w/ Doby Watson
Sun 5th - Kansas City, MO - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Pistol
Fri 10th - Chicago, IL - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Elastic Arts    (Record Release Show w/ Relaxation Record, Carplet)
Sat 11th - Bloomington, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Nookie Cookie House w/ Ejaculate (505 E. Allen St.)
Sun 12th - Indianapolis, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Moria Spot w/ The Read
Mon 13th - Louisville, KY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Space (6th & Oak) w/ Keenan Lawler, Still Pioneers
Tue 14th - Evansville, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Abyssco w/ Quin (moved from Lamasco Bar)
Wed 15th - Lexington, KY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ CPR w/ Tiger! Tiger!
Thu 16th - Murray, KY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ El Mariachi Loco
Fri 17th - Murfreesboro, TN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Vine w/ Trey Bishop and Devin Lamp (of Baby Teeth Thieves), Deep Machine, more.
Sat 18th - Nashville, TN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Sky House w/ Cotton Jones, Sig Semper Tyranus (527 Skyview Drive)
Sun 19th - Nashville, TN - Little Hamilton Collective w/ Sig Semper Tyranus
Fri 24th - Boone, NC @ Lindseys Place
Mon 27th - Boone, NC @ Dragonfly Theater w/ Naked Gods, Red Snapper, Dual at Dawn.

Fri 1st - Boone, NC @ Espresso News
Sat 2nd - Forest, VA - The Event @ The Good Cherry w/ Virgineola, Andrew Weathers, lots more. (14805 Forest Road)
Sun 3rd - Chapel Hill, NC @ BFF Bog (MOVED FROM THE NIGHTLIGHT) w/ Remora, Slicnaton, Subscape Annex
Mon 4th - Greenville, NC @ The Spazzatorium w/ Richard Benjamin, Br'er.
Tue 5th - Roanoke, VA @ Mill Mountain Theater w/ Arte Povera, Midair
Wed 6th - Harrisonburg, VA @ The Blue Nile CANCELLED
Thu 7th - Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazzar
Sat 9th - Manassas, VA @ The Garage w/ Dan Wiley, Headless Mantis
Sun 10th - Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut w/ Kitty Hawk.
Mon 11th - Baltimore, MD @ Holy Frijoles CANCELED
Tue 12th - Asbury Park, NJ @ The Annex w/ Jon Francis Lucow
Wed 13th - Highland Park, NJ @ Under the NJ Transit Bridge in Johnson Park w/ Marie Henry (of whorl), Steve Viagas (of The Yets)
Thu 14th - New York, NY @ The Phoenix Apartment Theater w/ Jae
Fri 15th - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY @ Monkeytown w/ Aria Orion, Jae
Sat 16th - Manchester, CT @ Rock Yer Socks @ The Grady Tavern w/ Jae, Jimmy Jude, Rum Glass Serenade
Sun 17th Sommerville, MA @ PAs Lounge w/ Jae, Ether Field, Abram Taber
Mon 18th Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City CANCELED
Tue 19th - Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks w/ Jae
Wed 20th - Dayton, OH @ Dayton Dirt Collective w/ Jae, Keith Kawaii, Astro Fang, Black wolf fight
Fri 22nd - Indianapolis, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Empty Bucket w/ Pons, Jae (4611 College Ave)
Sat 23rd - Evansville, IN @ River City Food Co-Op w/ Jae, One Second Pet
Sun 24th - Memphis, TN Odessa    w/ Jae
Mon 25th - Nashville, TN @ Cafe Coco w/ Jenny Wood, Kelli Shay Hix, Jae
Tue 26th - Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum w/ Jae, Found Objects Of Desire
Thu 28th - Boone, NC @ Espresso News w/ Melissa Reeves, Jae
Fri 29th - Charlotte, NC @ Yauhaus w/ Human Pippi Armstrong, Jae
Sat 30th - Greensboro, NC @ Tiger House (1328 B West Friendly Ave) w/ Andrew Weathers, Monument, Jae
Sun 31st - Raleigh, NC @ Badgerhaus w/ Jae, Subscape Annex, Small Life Form feat. Slicnation

Mon 1st - Greenville, NC @ The Spazzatorium (920 Dickinson Ave) CANCELED
Tue 2nd - Chapel Hill, NC @ Nightlight (405 1/2 W. Rosemary St.) w/ Jae, Bicameral Mind
Wed 3rd - Richmond, VA @ Ghostprint Gallery (4220 W. Broad St.) w/ Jae, Ultra Dolphins
Fri 5th - Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazzar (MOVED TO A HOUSE VENUE LAST MINUTE) w/ The Diamond Center, Jae, Stephen Steinbrink, more
Sun 7th - Asbury Park, NJ @ The Annex w/ Jae, Jon Francis Lucow
Mon 8th - Brooklyn, NY @ Zebulon w/ Adam’s Castle, Jae
Wed 10th - New York, NY - Sextet (feat. Larkin Grimm, Leyna Marika Papach, Jules Gimbrone) @ Cake Shop w/ Wires Under Tension (Slow Six Side Project), Jae
Thu 11th - New York City, NY @ The Delancey (CANCELED)
Fri 12th - Rochester, NY @ Boulder Coffee w/ Pegacide, more
Sat 13th - Montreal, QC, CANADA @ Le Cagibi   
Sat 20th - London, ON, CANADA @ Call the Office w/ Fond of Tigers, Riderless
Sun 21st - Detroit, MI @ The Trumbullplex w/ Isle of ESP, Markita Moore, Adieu
Mon 22nd - Ann Arbor, MI @ Worms Crib (CANCELED)
Tue 23rd - Lansing, MI   
Wed 24th - Chicago, IL @ The ballroom (3012 S. Archer) w/ E. Clark, Maribelle
Fri 26th - Saint Louis, MO @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center w/ Julie Doiron, Humdrum. (3301 Lemp Ave)
Sat 27th - St. Charles, MO @ Franklin House (CANCELED due to marital problems)
Wed 1st - Denver, CO @ Glob
Sat 4th - Salt Lake City, UT @ Ryans House (5pm)
Sat 4th - Salt Lake City, UT - Underground Arts Festival @ China Blue (8pm)
Sun 26th - Salem, OR @ The Space
Tue 28th - Portland, OR @ Valentines w/ Miss Massive Snowflake, Babydollars (232 SW Ankeny St)
Wed 29th - Olympia, WA @ The Northern w/ Derek M. Johnson, EET, LA Lungs
Thu 30th - Tacoma, WA @ New Frontier w/ Lozen, Sugar Sugar Sugar, Canyon Canyon

Sat 1st - Eastsound, WA @ Indralaya
Mon 3rd - Seattle, WA @ Josephine w/ Sus and Jakob
Tue 4th - Spokane, WA @ Empyrean Coffee
Wed 5th - Missoula, MT @ Live on KBGA 89.9 fm
Wed 5th - Missoula, MT @ ZACC Basement CANCELED 235 N 1st St. W
Sun 16th - Chicago, IL @ Heaven Gallery w/ I ching quartet, Dan Mohr, Parallel Process
Mon 17th - Indianapolis, IN @ Empty Bucket (4611 College Ave) w/ Pons, Doog, Scribble Class
Fri 28th - Boone, NC @ 641 rpm
Thu 3rd - Charlotte, NC @ Yauhaus w/ Ben Henry
Thu 10th - Berlin, GERMANY @ Schokoladen w/ Joe Straub
Fri 18th - Utrecht, NETHERLANDS - Utrecht Boft! Festival @ Theater Kikker w/ J. Tillman (Fleet Foxes), Fol Chen, Finn., AU, The Leo Sunrise, Guido Moebius, Bram Stadhouders, Mohna, Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monsere
Sat 19th - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Festival (formerly ZxZW) @ Pauluskerk w/ Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monseré, Cam Deas, Gregg Kowalsky, Caspian, Anti-Pop Consortium, Kayo Dot, James Blackshaw, Soap and Skin, AU, Jandek, Uri Caine, Fol Chen, Subtitle, Brethren of the Free Spirit, Jozef van Wissem, Mugstar, Rue Royale, Aufgehoben, Papier Tigre, The Squire of Gothos, An Emerald City, Constellations, tons more.
Sun 20th - Liege, BELGIUM @ La Zone w/ Kayo Dot
Wed 23rd - Rennes, FRANCE @ La Bascule w/ J.F. Buy and Haley Moore, Horst du Noch
Thu 24th - Nantes, FRANCE @ Le Violon Dingue w/ Am Lily
Fri 25th - Paris, FRANCE @ Elizas Place
Mon 28th - Paris, FRANCE @ Bon Accueil w/ Horseas
Tue 29th - ?
Wed 30th -?

Thu 1st - ?
Fri 2nd - ?
Sat 3rd - Antwerp, BELGIUM - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Kaspar Hauser Headquarters w/ Viktorviktor.
Sun 4th - ?
Mon 5th - ?
Tue 6th - ?
Wed 7th - ?
Thu 8th - ?
Fri 9th - ?
Sat 10th - ?
Sun 11th - ?
Mon 12th - ?
Tue 13th - ?
Wed 14th - ?
Thu 15th - ?
Fri 16th - ?
Sat 17th - ?
Sun 18th - ? 
Mon 19th - ?
Tue 20th - ?
Wed 21st - ?
Thu 22nd - ?
Fri 23rd - Rostock, GERMANY - Gut Ding Will @ JAZ
Sat 24th - Biesenthal, GERMANY @ Wokule w/ Der Lonski, DJs: Sister Mule & Niki Matita
Sun 25th - ?
Mon 26th - ?
Tue 27th - ?
Wed 28th - ?
Thu 29th - Brooklyn, NY @ Zebulon w/ Aria Orion, Kaneng Lolang

Sat 7th - Boone, NC - AERIAL ROOTS CD RELEASE PARTY @ 641 RPM w/ Kinjac
Sun 8th - ?
Mon 9th - ?
Tue 10th - ?
Wed 11th - ?
Thu 12th - Louisville, KY @ Skull Alley w/ Karass
Fri 13th - Indianapolis, IN @ The Volrath w/ Prizzy Prizzy Please, Bronze Float, more
Sat 14th - Saint Louis, MO @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center w/ Stationary Odyssey
Mon 16th - Jonesboro, AR @ Labyrinth House
Thu 19th - Fayetteville, AR @ The Ameroplace w/ Memphis Pencils, Megan Parochka
Sat 21st - Kansas City, MO @ Under The Radar (The Fountain) w/ Matt Dill, Expo 70, more
Sun 22nd - Lincoln, Nebraska @ Clawfoot House
Sat 28th - Chicago, IL @ Ballroom (3012 Archer St.)
Mon 30th - Newport, Kentucky @ Southgate House w/ Stationary Odyssey

Tue 1st - Pontiac, Michigan @ The Pike Room w/ Stationary Odyssey
Wed 2nd - Rochester, NY @ Boulder Coffee (Brooks Landing) w/ Stationary Odyssey, Taurus
Thu 3rd - Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands Gallery w/ Stationary Odyssey
Fri 4th - Philadelphia, PA @ Danger Danger Gallery w/ Hermit Thrushes, Stationary Odyssey, Pushy Lips, A New Heaven and a New Earth
Sun 6th - Asheville, NC @ Bobo w/ Stationary Odyssey w/ Hatori Hanzo
Tue 8th - Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton Collective w/ Stationary Odyssey
Wed 9th - Evansville, IN @ River City Food Co-Op w/ Stationary Odyssey
Fri 11th - Sylva, NC @ Guadalupe Cafe
Wed 16th - Charlotte, NC @ 201212 w/ Great Architect
Thu 17th - Raleigh, NC @ Marsh Woodwinds w/ Slicnaton, Br'er, Small Life Form
Fri 18th - Greensboro, NC @ Maya Gallery w/ Ghost to Falco (canceled due to snow)
Sat 19th - Boone, NC @ 641 rpm w/ Slicnaton, Great Architect

2008 SHOWS

Sat 5th - Chicago, IL - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ Lucilles w/ Brother George. Benefit for the local film "Happy Thoughts".
Sat 12th - Chicago, IL @ The Sac House w/ Jared Micah and the Hats, more
Fri 18th - Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn w/ Lafcadio (CD release Party)
Mon 28th - Chicago, IL - Quiver (feat. Mark Trecka, Evan Hydzik, Matthew Golombisky, Lilli Wosko) @ Elastic Arts w/ Bruce Lamont, Dylan Ryan, Wasteland Jazz Unit feat. Fred Lonberg-Holm)
Wed 30th - Chicago, IL - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ AV-aerie w/ Sing Sing, Peter and the Wolf, Wosko/Faulds.

Sun 10th - Chicago, IL @ Abbey Pub w/ Lord of the Yum-Yum, Grampal Jookabox, Doog
Thu 14th - St. Louis, MO @ The Bluebird @ The God Sex Immaculate Verity Show #1. This show will feature newcomers to the Sexxxtet: Novei & Gabe from Manhattan Music Box.
Sun 17th - Chicago, IL - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ WOR Loft w/ Pillars and Tongues, Nat Baldwin.

Sat 1st - Macomb, IL - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ The A.D.D. Loft w/ Skursula
Sun 2nd - Detroit, MI @ Cass Cafe w/ Big Black Cloud, Sneaky and the rat, Tovio, Markita Moore
Mon 3rd - Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artowrks w/ Kalon, Overseas, Balmorhea feat. Alex Dupree
Tue 4th - Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon Street w/ Joe Kile, Balmorhea, Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor Band
Wed 5th - Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012 w/ To Be a High Powered Executive, Balmorhea, Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor Band
Thu 6th - Bloomington, IN - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ The Art Hospital w/ Drekka, Balmorhea, Alex Dupree and Trapdoor Band
Fri 7th - Chicago, IL - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ AV-Aerie w/ Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Balmorhea, Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor Band. (moved from Heaven Gallery)
Sun 16th - Chicago, IL - QUIVER @ Ronnys bar w/ Piss piss piss moan moan moan (Quiver features: Matt Golombisky of Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Alex of PPPMMM, Evan Hydzik of Pillars & Tongues, Ben Billington of Druids of Huge, more)
Thu 20th - Chicago, IL @ The Sac House w/ Meander, Evan Hydzik, Ethan Pikas, and a ventriloquy show by Lucy Chinen and Sabrina Rush
Tue 25th - Lille, FRANCE - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ Caf diskaire   
Wed 26th - Lille, FRANCE - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ L'ecart    
Fri 28th - Bruxelles, BELGIUM - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ La Filature   
Sat 29th - Cortil-Wodon, BELGIUM - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ The Rhaaa Lovely Festival
Sun 30th - Brussels, BELGIUM  - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ Murmur Cafe
Tue 1st - Duisburg, GERMANY - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ Steinbruch w/ a screening of the Sigur Ros film "Heima"
Wed 2nd - Hamburg, GERMANY - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ Hafenklang
Thu 3rd - Rostock, GERMANY - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ MS Stubnitz w/ Bob Corn, ?alos, Miss Massive Snowflake
Fri 4th - Berlin, GERMANY - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ ausland w/ Lucio Capece
Sat 5th - Magdeburg, GERMANY - The C.J. Boyd Sextet @ Café Zentral
Mon 7th - Essen, GERMANY @ D Bar
Tue 8th - Duisburg, GERMANY @ Steinbruch w/ Ef
Fri 11th - Bruxelles, BELGIUM @ La Filature w/ JAP
Sat 12th - Bruxelles, BELGIUM @ Cafe Murmure       
Mon 14th - Ghent, BELGIUM @ K.L.Dierickxstraat 34 w/ Library Tapes
Tue 15th - Antwerp, BELGIUM @ Be My Guest w/ The Flying Horseman, Library Tapes
Thu 17th - Malmo, SWEDEN @ Rundgang (record store)
Sat 19th - Gothenburg, SWEDEN @ Hagateatern w/ Charalambides
Sun 20th Hamburgsund, SWEDEN @ Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän w/ Charalambides
Mon 21st - Berlin, GERMANY @ Köpi (Köpenickerstrasse 137) w/ mithra, altare. Köpi celebrates its 18th birthday. 
Wed 23rd - Lille, FRANCE - centre culturel libertaire
Thu 24th - Niort, FRANCE - Bistro de L eclusier w/ SZ, Luis Francisco Arena
Fri 25th - Bordeaux, FRANCE @ El Inca
Sat 26th - Rennes, FRANCE @ le bistro de la cité
Sun 27th - Nantes, FRANCE @ L' Huluberlu w/ Picastro
Tue 29th - Lille, FRANCE @ Caf et Diskaire
Sun 4th - Haarlem, HOLLAND @ Paatronat w/ The Drift
Fri 9th - Wolow, POLAND @ WOK w/ The Drift
Sat 10th - Krakow, POLAND @ Club Re w/ The Drift
Sun 11th - Vienna, AUSTRIA @ Arena w/ the Drift
Mon 12th - München, GERMANY @ Sunny Red (Merchmaster for The Drift)
Tue 13th - Paris, FRANCE @ Le Klub  (Merchmaster for The Drift)
Wed 14th - Cambridge, ENGLAND @ Man On The Moon  (Merchmaster for The Drift)
Thu 15th - London, ENGLAND @ Cafe Oto  (Merchmaster for The Drift)
Sat 17th - Minehead, ENGLAND @ ATP  (Merchmaster for The Drift)
Wed 28th - Chicago, IL @ The Sac House (moved from the AV-Aerie w/ Betany Palm, Outpost, Virgin Rosemary
Thu 29th - St. Charles, MO - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ The Franklin House (potluck with an open discussion to follow)
Fri 30th - Fayetteville, AR - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ The New Deli w/ LRVS//HTRS, Asleep, Audience Dream
Sat 31st - Little Rock, AR - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ Lazer Puzzy w/ Asleep, Audience...Dream!, Cracker Creeptacular, Sassy Goose

Sun 1st - Russellville, AR - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ National Guard Armory w/ Manchester Black
Tue 3rd - Houston, TX - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ Notsuohs w/ Limb, B.L.A.C.K.I.E.
Thu 5th - Houston, TX @ Numbers
Sat 7th - Austin, TX - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet - Church of the Friendly Ghost @ Salvage Vanguard Theater w/ Balmorhea, Alex Dupree & the Trapdoor Band
Sun 8th - El Paso, TX - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ The Hush Bar
Thu 12th - Murfreesboro, TN @ House House w/ Most Amazing Century of Science, Corima
Tue 17th - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's Bar (2101 N. California) w/ Outpost, United Bible Studies, Sharron Kraus
Fri 27th - Newport, KY - Adjust Your Eyes III @ the Southgate House w/ Grampal Jookabox, and a whole lot of other bands
Sun 29th - Dayton, Ohio @ Dayton Dirt Collective w/ Romance of young tigers, Pacific before tiger, Peter Fosco

Fri 4th - Denver, Colorado @ Rhinoceropolis w/ the mae shi
Sat 5th - Salt Lake City, UT @ Low Brow w/ Theta Naught
Tue 8th - San Luis Obispo, CA @ Clubhouse w/ Alicia Belmonte
Wed 9th - San Luis Obispo, CA @ Linnaea's Cafe
Tue 22nd - Oakland, CA - CJ Boyd Sextet @ 3140 West St. (home of Hil and Kat) w/ Paper Bird
Fri 25th Big Sur, CA - Henry Miller Memorial Library w/ Rizorkestra, holy!holy!holy!
Sat 2nd - San Luis Obispo, CA @ Linnaea's Cafe   
Sun 3rd - San Luis Obispo, CA @ Frog and Peach Pub
Thu 07th - Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda w/ Red Giant, Sea Sharp
Fri 8th - Portland, OR @ Work/sound w/ Kusukia
Sat 9th - Tacoma, WA @ Bob's Java Jive w/ Trip the Light Fantastic, Blanco
Mon 11th - Spokane, WA @ Empyrean
Tue 12th - Missoula, MT @ The Badlander w/ The Pine Hill Haints
Wed 13th - Missoula, MT @ The Laboratory   
Thu 14th - Portland, OR @ Exit Only (1121 N Loring) w/ Psaltier, Problems
Sun 17th - Portland, OR The Towne Lounge   
Wed 20th - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court w/ Theta Naught, I Hear Sirens, Giants
Thu 21st - Denver, CO @ Old Curtis Street Bar w/ Giants, Pink Hawks
Sat 23rd - Lubbock, TX @ The Bright House w/ One Wolf, Veva
Sun 24th - Austin,TX - CJ Boyd Sextet @ House on Stilts w/ My Empty Phantom
Mon 25th - Austin, TX - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Austin Moose Lodge 1735  w/ Weird Weeds, Plutonium Farmers
Fri 29th - Denton, TX - Camp Jagoe   
Sat 30th - Little Rock, AR @ Lazer Puzzy w/ Sleep Today
Sun 31st - Russellville, AR - The E Street House w/ Tyler McDonald

Mon 1st - Fayetteville, AR @ The Ameropad w/ Mt. Comfort, Memphis Pencils
Tue 2nd - St. Charles, MO - Franklin House w/ brandon bird baker
Wed 3rd - St. Louis, MO - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Mic s Basement w/ Eric Hall, .e
Thu 4th - Chicago, IL - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Ronny's w/ Anni Rossi, Meander, Emily Lacy
Fri 5th - Bloomington, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Cinemat w/ Old Masters, Ejaculate
Sat 6th - Indianapolis, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ 4828 College Ave w/ Accordions, Bronze Float, A Caesar Holiday
Sun 7th - Nashville, TN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Cafe Coco
Tue 9th - Murray, KY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Big Apple Cafe
Wed 10th - Murfreesboro, TN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Casa De Juan House w/ Baby Teeth Thieves
Thu 11th - Bowling Green, KY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Mug Shotz Coffeehouse
Sat 13th - Dayton, OH - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Dayton Dirt Collective w/ Romance of Young Tigers, Hills, Yakuza Heart Attack
Sun 14th - Grand Rapids, MI @ DAAC w/ emily lacy, jes kramer, a paschal circus
Mon 15th - Lansing, MI @ 2308 Marcus St. w/ Emily Lacy (REALLY LAST MINUTE VENUE AND TIME CHANGE)
Tue 16th - Detroit, MI @ Contemorary Art Institute of Detroit w/ Henry Grimes
Wed 17th - London, ON, CANADA @ The Alex P. Keaton   
Thu 18th - Toronto, ON, CANADA @ Tranzac w/ Sandro Perri, Picastro
Sun 21st - Rochester, NY @ Potential Life Studios w/ Albert Einstein and the Hopi, Phil Herford

Wed 1st - Indianapolis, IN @ Moria Spot (3251 Broadway) w/ Lafcadio, Screaming Females, Hi Tops
Fri 3rd - Lansing, MI - A.J. Glaub Fest @ Basement 414 w/ Call Me on the Allophone, Whale Horse, Planet of ID, much more.
Mon 13th - New York, NY @ Cake Shop w/ Bear Suit, Boy Genius
Wed 15th - Reykjavik, ICELAND - Iceland Airwaves @ 12 Tonar w/ Olafur Arnalds
Sun 19th - Reykjavik, ICELAND - Iceland Airwaves @ Babalu (5pm)   
Sun 19th - Reykjavik, ICELAND - Iceland Airwaves @ Kaffi Hljomalind (8pm)   
Thu 23rd - Antwerp, BELGIUM @ logement
Fri 24th - Bruxelles, BELGIUM @ La Filature
Sat 25th - Berlin, GERMANY @ BABYLON MITTE: Arthur Russell Tribute Concert (Berlin New York Continental series 2)
Tue 28th - Lille, FRANCE @ Caf & Diskaire
Thu 30th - Nantes, FRANCE - SOY FESTIVAL @ le Violon Dingue   
Fri 31st - Nantes, FRANCE - SOY FESTIVAL @ Planetarium   

Fri 7th - Bordeaux, FRANCE @ El Inca w/ ::take::
Sat 8th - Paris, FRANCE @ The home of Jerome and Sylvia w/ ::take::
Thu 13th - Berlin, GERMANY - Sextet @ Schokoladen Mitte w/ Peter Broderick, Jae
Fri 14th - Angouleme, FRANCE - CJ Boyd Sextet @  Mars Attack w/ Luis Francesca Arena, Misshapenfinger (missed this show)
Sat 15th - Rome, ITALY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Ateneo occupato w/ Mithra, Blues against youth
Mon 17th - Bruttisellen, SWITZERLAND - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Fedy's house   
Wed 19th - Frankfurt, GERMANY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Clubkeller   
Thu 20th - Berlin, GERMANY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Madame Claude's   
Fri 21st - Antwerp, BELGIUM - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Logement
Sat 22nd - Bruxelles, BELGIUM - CJ Boyd Sextet @ La Filature
Mon 24th - Lille, FRANCE - CJ Boyd Sextet @ CCL w/ Nios Karma
Tue 25th - Paris, FRANCE - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Bon Accueil
Wed 26th - Copenhagen, DENMARK - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Anna’s House
Fri 28th - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY @ Monkeytown w/ my Empty Phantom, Andrew Weathers, Northern Valentine
Sat 29th - Tewksbury, MA @ TUMC Venue
Tue 2nd - Roanke, VA @ Water Heater w/ My Empty Phantoms
Thu 4th - Lynchburg, Virginia @ The Good Cherry w/ Late Virginia Summers, My Empty Phantoms
Fri 5th - Richmond, VA @ The Ghostprint Gallery w/ The Late Virginia Summers
Sat 6th - Chapel Hill, NC @ Jack Sprat Cafe w/ Andrew Weathers, My Empty Phantoms
Sun 7th - Greensboro, NC @ House show on Friendly Ave. w/ Andrew Weathers, My Empty Phantoms
Mon 8th - Boone, NC @ espresso news w/ dual at dawn.
Wed 10th - Nashville, TN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Springwater Super Club w/ A Parade, Sleepy Pie Skulls
Fri 12th - Murfreesboro, TN @ House of Leaves
Sun 14th - Nashville, TN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ ORE Theatre Intangible on WRVU 91.1 fm
Wed 17th - Murray, KY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ El Mariachi Loco w/ Atypical Symmetry
Thu 18th - Louisville, KY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Skull Alley w/ Freighliner, Softcheque
Fri 19th - Cincinnati, OH - CJ Boyd Sextet  @ The Church w/ Wonky Tonk, Travis Talbert, Michael Olivia
Sun 21st - Indianapolis, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Moria Spot w/ Grampall Jookabox, The Sump Pumps, Thunders, more
Mon 22nd - Chicago, IL @ Ottoman Empire w/ Call me on the Allophone
Sun 28th - St. Louis, MO @ Shangri-La
Mon 29th - Russellville, AR  - The A-Frame w/ Maribelle, Love Baby Blue
Tue 30th - Norman, OK @ Universe City w/ Maribelle
Wed 31st - Lubbock, TX @ The Bright House w/ The Qwenzetimer and The Traveling Baptists

2007 SHOWS

Fri 5th - Reykjavik, Iceland @ Kaffi Hjlömalind
Sun 7th - Reykjavik, Iceland @ Baba-lu
Sat 20th - Long Branch, NJ - Uncanning Worms @ Shore Institute of Contemporary Arts w/ Ralph Farris from Ethel, group improv including Jon Francis
Fri 26th - Murfreesboro, TN @ The Acid Livingroom w/ Chad and Jeremi, Coffee and Tea
Sat 27th - Nashville, TN @ The Five Spot w/ 3 Pups Music, Kelli Shay, Visual Sound
Sun 28th - Murray, KY @ The Frap House w/ Coffee and Tea.
Mon 29th - Boone, NC @ The Black Cat
Thu 1st - Brooklyn, NY (Williamsburg) @ Petes Candy Store w/ Silent Movie, Gareth Schumacher
Fri 16th - New York, NY @ Clothing Optional Dinner (
Sun 25th - Manhattan, NY - SHARE @ Reboot (Audio-visual improvisations throughout the night, open to everyone,  My featured set starts at 8:30)

Sat 10th - Manhattan, NY @ Reboot w/ Tom Phonic, J. Phantom, Sharon Van Etten
Thu 15th Binghamton, NY @ Binghamton University w/ By the End of Tonight, more (cancelled)
Mon 19th - New York City, NY @ MAN gathering
Wed 21st - New York City @ Cake Shop w/ By the End of Tonight, Extra Life.
Sat 24th - Pittsburgh, PA @ Dusquene University (This is a Graduate Philosophy Conference, not exactly a show. I will read a paper on Aretetic Theft at 9am (first paper of the day), then also close things out with a musical performance at 7pm during the reception, which starts at 7pm.)
Tue 27th - Staunton, VA @ Shenandoah Pizza
Thu 29th - Norfolk, VA @ The Blue Plate
Fri 30th - Boone, NC @ Attention Deficit Destruction Festival @ The Black Cat (3 day festival of weird shit.

Tue 3rd - Cleveland, OH @ Pat's in the Flats w/ Ellipse, more.
Wed 4th - Bloomington, IN @ The Hot Fighter House (216 E. Hillside Dr.) moved from Art Hospital, due to temporary closing.
Thu 5th - Murray, KY @ The Frap House w/ Coffee & Tea
Fri 6th - Murfreesboro, TN @ Casa De La Muerte w/ The Drift, Baby Teeth Theives. (moved from The Acid Livingroom due to the popo shutting shit down.)
Sat 7th - Nashville, TN @ The End w/ The Drift, The Ascent of Everest
Sun 8th - Boone, NC @ The Black Cat w/ The Drift
Mon 9th - Staunton, VA @ Baja Bean (8pm) w/ the Drift.
Mon 9th - Staunton, VA @ Luigis (11pm) Yes, I am playing two shows on the same night.
Tue 10th - Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13 w/ The Drift
Fri 27th - Asbury Park, NJ @ Twisted Tree Cafe
Tue 1st - Lowell, NA @ University of Massachusetts (Anit-captialist celebration organized by the Student Socialist Coalition.)
Tue 8th - New York City, NY @ The Annex
Fri 25th - Brooklyn, NY (Park Slope) - Transducer @ Lemurplex (Lemurplex is a badical space for building robots that play music).
Sat 26th - Asbury Park, NJ @ Twisted Tree Cafe
Sun 27th - New York, NY - CJ Boyd Group @ Cake shop w/ Modern Day Urban Barbarians, La Otracina, Theo Metz, Baylies Band
Wed 30th - Washington DC @ The Red and Black Bar w/ Duology Band, LIGO
Thu 31st - Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Chop w/ Acacia Sears.

Fri 1st - Philadelphia, PA @ Tritone Bar w/ Ashley Deekus, Katt Hernandez, Feeler Gauge, Mosadi Music.
Sat 2nd - Staunton, VA @ Shenandoah Pizza
Sun 3rd - Staunton, VA @ Baja Bean
Mon 4th - Williamsport, PA @ The Bullfrog Brewery
Tue 5th - Lakewood, OH @ Symposium Nite Club w/ Ellipse, Nate Lynch
Wed 6th - Detroit, MI @ Trumbullplex w/ Big Black Cloud, the Jrugs. Trumbullplex is an anarchist housing collective and showspace in the Woodbridge.
Thu 7th - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's Bar w/ The Horns of Happiness, Cellmates, The Floating City.
Fri 8th - Bloomington, IN @ Guilty Pleasures (House venue) w/ Abner Trio, Big Black Cloud, Michael Hodges.
Sun 10th - Lynchburg, VA @ The Starlight Cafe w/ The Late Virginia Summers.
Mon 11th - Norfolk, VA @ The Blue Plate w/ The Late Virginia Summers.
Wed 13th - Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight w/ Small Life Form, Promute
Thu 14th - Boone, NC @ The Black Cat
Fri 15th - Nashville, TN @ Springwater Supper Club & Lounge w/ Potato Battery Experiment, Kelli Shay, Lundberg Stetson.
Sat 16th - Mufreesboro, TN @ Leisure Room (Big Nurse House) w/ Most Amazing Century of Science, High On Life, and featuring a Bass-Off with AJ from Cansaur
Mon 18th - Nashville, TN @ 806 Kendall Drive w/ La Otracina
Wed 20th - Murfreesboro, TN @ The Boro w/ Happy Birthday Amy, Oblio, Jared Micah and the Hats
Fri 22nd - Louisville, KY @ The Rudyard Kipling w/ Keenan Lawler, Brian Beyke
Sat 23rd - Belleville, IL @ The Ground Floor
Sun 24th - St. Louis, MO @ Fort Gondo
Mon 25th - Lawrence, KS @ Henry's on Eighth
Tue 26th - Omaha, NE @ McFosters Natural Kind Cafe
Wed 27th - Ft. Collins, CO @ Matter Bookstore w/ Sangre
Thu 28th - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis w/ Slight Harp, Theta Naught. 3553 Brighton Blvd
Fri 29th - Boulder, CO @ Rock N Soul Cafe w/ Theta Naught, more
Sat 30th - Grand Junction, CO @ Coffee Muggers w/ Drew Danburry, Bagheera! Bagheera!, Theta Naught (feat. Alex Caldiero), Iji.

Sat 7th - Sacramento, CA @ The Weatherstone Faire @ Weatherstone Coffee & Trading Co.
Sun 15th - Grass Valley, CA @ California World Music Festival
Wed 18th - San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah w/ Roots of Orchis
Thu 19th - Berkeley, CA @ Jupiter (Selector Series) w/ DJ Delon
Fri 20th - Goleta, CA @ Pink mailbox w/ Des Ark, Watercolor Paintings, Mike XVX
Mon 23rd - San Diego, CA @ Scholari's Office    w/ Sleeping People, Lilith Vektor, And the Furies Say
Tue 24th - Long Beach, CA - Duo set with Chris Schlarb@ OPEN w/ And the Furies Say
Wed 25th - Los Angeles, CA @ Silver Lake Lodge w/ And the Furies Say, The Half Mantis Group
Thu 26th - Scottsdale, AZ @ Mandala Tearoom w/ Icy Core of Jupiter, And the Furies Say, I Break Horses
Fri 27th - Albuquerque, NM @ El Rey Theater w/ And the Furies Say
Sat 28th - Amarillo, TX @ The Nat w/ And the Furies Say
Mon 30th - Chicago, IL - CJ Boyd Sextet @ South Union Arts w/ Sing Sing, And the Furies Say, Scalpels & Tongues (collab set btwn members of Pillars & Tongues as well as Scalpels)
Tue 31st - Bloomington, IN - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Art Hospital w/ Banana hands, Kwop Council, And the Furies Say.

Wed 1st - Pittsburgh, PA - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Garfield Artworks w/ Overseas, Science Is Dead, And the Furies Say
Fri 3rd - New York City, NY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Pussycat Lounge w/ Rebel Medium, Diluted Society, Zydepunks, Sai U Drom, Town.
Sat 4th - Brooklyn, NY - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Goodbye Blue Monday w/ And the Furies Say, Jerkagram, Aunt Dracula, more
Mon 6th - Washington DC - CJ Boyd Sextet @ IOTA (The Federal Reserve Collectives First Monday) w/ And the Furies Say, more
Tue 7th - Boone, NC - CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Black Cat w/ And the Furies Say.
Wed 8th - Nashville, TN  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Springwater w/ And the Furies Say (show moved from 911 Estes)
Thu 9th - Russellville, AR  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Fort Delicious w/ And the Furies Say, Friendly Friends, Mt. Everest, Memphis Pencils
Fri 10th - Denton, TX  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Cool Beans w/ And the Furies Say, Shoeless Agadore
Sat 11th - Austin, TX  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Flamingo Cantina w/ A Pocket Full of Deng, The War Against Sleep, And the Furies Say
Sun 12th - El Paso, TX  - CJ Boyd Sextet @ Zeppelin's Pub w/ And the Furies Say.
Mon 13th - Pinos Altos, NM @ Buckhorn Saloon
Wed 15th - Tucson, AZ @ Plush
Thu 16th - San Diego, CA @ Scolari's Office
Sat 18th - San Luis Obispo, CA @ Linnaea's Cafe
Sun 19th - San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ The Drift, Balmorhea
Mon 20th - Oakland, CA @ Hilary and Kat's house
Tue 21st - Chico, CA @ Off-Limits w/ La Fin Du Monde, Think In French
Thu 23rd Eastsound, WA  (Orcas Island) @ Indralaya
Fri 24th - Seattle, WA @ SS Marie Antoinette w/ Daughters of Atlas, Snowman Plan, Everchanging Sky
Sat 25th - Portland, OR @ Towne Lounge w/ Modern State, Gulls, Umbrella.

Sat 1st - El Paso, TX @ Q8 Hooka Lounge w/ Bunq, Omar Andre, and friends.
Sun 2nd - El Paso, TX @ Hunt's House BBQ w/ Crooke and Color
Tue 4th - Austin, TX @ Lambert's w/ Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor band, Balmorhea
Thu 6th - Houston, TX @ White Swan w/ By the End of Tonight, B.
Fri 7th - Alvin, TX @ Alvin Library w/ B.
Sun 9th - St. Louis, MO @ Fort Gondo
Mon 10th - Chicago, IL @ Sac House (2234 N. Sacramento Ave) w/ Pillars and Tongues, Angel Olsen
Tue 11th - Detroit, MI @ Amsterdam Espresso w/ Big Black Cloud
Thu 13th - Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks w/ Hotness
Thu 20th - Brooklyn, NY @ Goodbye Blue Monday w/ Xevious, Kirk Schoenherr Group, Josh Myers
Fri 21st - Washington, PA @ The Citizens Library w/ dollface divine, overseas, kalon, and science is dead
Sat 22nd - Rochester, NY @ Boulder Coffee
Mon 24th - New Brunswick, NJ @ South West Burrito w/ LEK, Cuddle Magic

Sun 28th - Portland, OR @ Brainstains w/ Modernstate, please step out of the vehicle, Minivan
Wed 31st - Des Moines, IA @ Vaudville Mews w/ Pillars and Tongues
Fri 2nd - Greece, NY @ The Landfill w/ Ju-Jajuba, Grampall Jookabox
Sat 3rd - New Brunswick, NJ @ Southwest Burrito
Sat 17th - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's Bar w/ Spizm, Stationary Odyssey, The Dang Heathens
Sat 24th - Evansville, IN @ Boney Junes w/ Stationary Odyssey, Owen Pye, Ferris The Destroyer
Sun 25th - Chicago, IL - The CJ Boyd Sextet @ The Sac House w/ King Zeus, Angel Olsen, Jared Micah and the Hats, Unearth

Sun 2nd - Bloomington, IN @ Waldron w/ Hot Pink Guillotine, drekka, OS
Sat 8th Chicago, IL - Ears & Eyes Festival @ Subteranean w/ Doppler Shift, Jason Steele Ensemble, Wosko/Faulds, Tomorrow Music Orchestra, Simon Lott/Brian Coogan, Phillip Morris/Awdazcate, The Other Planets, Avagami, The Drastics, more.
Sun 9th - Chicago, IL @ Ronny's Bar (playing with members of Pillars And Tongues) Also playing are: Porches, Treasure Mammal.
Tue 18th - Chicago, IL - CJ Boyd Sexxxtet @ The Radish Patch w/ Poisonoak, Auroradoreyalice, Perpetual Dusk at Curtsy Caverns, Redbear